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How do you give your personal answer on this site?

Asked by emc2rd (10points) April 14th, 2009
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I’m not great with a computer and from head injury’s I sometimes don’t understand how to do things. Anyone have any suggestions as to where I could get someone to help me get started or to understand how? I guess I could print out directions but I don’t know where to go first to start creating my own webpage. (I would also like to sell my art online by use of a personal webpage).

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I suggest starting a blog on blogspot.

You might get a friend to help you with it. I’m guessing by the state of your writing-abilities you are not great with computers, but I’ll bet that you are an awesome artist! Good luck!

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@upholstry That was nice of you.

PM (Comment) me and I’ll help ya, bud.

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On fluther you can contact other users by leaving a message on their profile by clicking on their avatar or the name under the picture.

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You can answer a question by scrolling down on the question page to the box where it says “Answer this question.” Type your response in there and click “Answer” in the lower right, and it will appear on the page.

The panel labeled “Live Preview” shows you what your answer is going to look like before you post it.

If you like someone’s answer to your question, click “Great Answer” beneath it, and their points will go up. If someone likes your answer, they will click “Great Answer,” and your points will go up.

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There are a lot of good people here who will help you. After using the site for a couple days it gets much easier.
Welcome aboard!

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