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How do I change/modify my Windows Vista task bar to look more like these:?

Asked by chad (694points) December 5th, 2007
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Here are two examples of how I would like to change the appearance of my Windows Vista desktop task bar. It would be awesome if anyone could help me out on how to do this! Thanks!×8azd.png


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You can use Window Blinds to modify your taskbar,icons, desktop and explorer into literally any style you want. All you have to do is install Window Blinds and then download the appropriate themes from here .Also you can download their theme maker to make your own themes

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Can’t help you, both photos say unavailable!

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Yikes, that’s alright though. I kind of just gave up on the customization a while back, but hey! Thanks so much for attempting to help me out!

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Windows Blinds is quite pricey if you don’t want to pay a company to do it. There are many free alternatives on google. I have found ones recently, but i am currently not on my laptop that is running vista 32 bit, which does have a theme modifier on it. However I found it by doing vast amounts of research.

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