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What cities in the United States rival Santa Barbara in beauty?

Asked by girlofscience (7553points) April 24th, 2009
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Personally, I have never seen a US city that is nearly as beautiful as Santa Barbara.

However, I have only been to 161 cities in the United States, so there are certainly many I have never seen.

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Orlando, FL

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@Ownage: I have been there, but I found the beauty of Santa Barbara to far exceed that of Orlando. What do you think compares?

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Santa Barbara is beautiful, but I personally like Morro Bay better. It’s a very charming, romantic little town. My heart melts just thinking about it. I lived there for a short time and miss it terribly.

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How about Santa Fe, NM?

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Here are some photos of Morro Bay, CA.

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Savannah Georgia. (and I’m from Ohio)

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I second Morro, awesome place

other than that: Monterey, CA

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@Ownage. Orlando? Seriously? Better grab a fire extinguisher. I think your avatar is burning.

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Carlsbad California, Cardiff by the Sea California, Rancho Santa Fe California, La Jolla California, Solvang California, San Luis Obispo California, Julian California, Pine Valley California, Descanso California… there are way too many in San Diego County alone (with the exception of Solvang of course) to mention here…. but if your personal prefference is Santa Barbara i’m sure that won’t change. Santa Barbara is a beutiful town btw… i agree completely.

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Santa Barbara is certainly lovely but
Where else but in the Empire State do you have Central Park
Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer
All Amid The Greatest City in the World

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Orlando? Really? Uhh, okay.

@jonsblond that place looks gorgeous.

I’ve been to many cities, but never to the West Coast, but it looks very beautiful out there. I think Washington is definitely a state I’d love to see.
I’ve been to pretty much every single New England state, and it is gorgeous up there. I love being in the mountains, it’s just so natural and serene.
I saw the Old Man of the Mountain before it collapsed, and swam in natural lakes up there…it was just beautiful.
I’ve camped in the Great Smoky Mountains, and that was pretty amazing. We also did all the underground tours of caves…I think in North Carolina (i forget the exact city). But, I’ll definitely never forget how amazing it was down there.
I also think Arizona and Nevada are gorgeous. I like dessert mountain ranges, and the lakes out there. I could drive for hours just looking. Valley of Fire is cool. I’ve always wanted to see Death Valley.

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Charleston, SC. It too is on the water.

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I think nothing comes close to Santa Barbara. At least not in the States.

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Boulder, CO. La Jolla, CA.

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Orick, CA

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All of Oregon. We have deserts, mountains, beaches, lakes, rivers, even tropical forests. I don’t think this is such an easy question to answer though, because answers can change depending on people’s moods.

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I used to live near Santa Barbara, in the small town of Ojai. I’d say Ojai was by far more beautiful, though much smaller.

Ashland, OR, is stunningly beautiful as well.

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Sedona, Arizona can rival any city in the United States for sheer beauty.

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@Trustinglife Ashland? Dude? It is quaint for sure but beautiful? Hum… Maybe the surounding countryside, but Ashland?

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I found it to be beautiful – especially the mountains. The mountains are so close that it feels like they are part of the town. In fact, they’re within city limits.

But WTF – this is a completely subjective question as to what city we find to be beautiful. Offer your own opinion and quit criticizing mine.

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I lived in santa barbara and I agree. It is insanely beautiful

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I love Santa Barbara, but I’d have to agree that La Jolla rivals it. Then there’s the Menocino Coast—or Carmel. Or Flagstaff, Arizona—or the coast of Rhode Island—or the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia—or the Hudson River going north from New York—or the islands off Seattle—or the lakes around Madison, Wisconsin. I wasn’t that impressed with Orlando itself, but the area around Cape Canaveral is really pretty.

We live in a beautiful country. I’ve seen a lot of it—mostly quite a few years ago—and I’d love to see more.

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@Trustinglife Dude I was playing around. I love the mountains around Ashland. Grew up in/around Grants Pass myself. ;)

Personally I have found all cities I have been in almost discusting due to all of the humanity and turmoil. I have to sat the best one so far was Vancover B.C.

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@DREW_R You need to go to northern Wisconsin and the U.P. of Michigan. It’s heaven to me there. Nothing discusting to it at all.

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@jonsblond The part that ruins it for me in the cities and makes them dicusting to me is all of the rudeness displayed by complete strangers. Kind of tints everything in a dead shade of grey for me. I haven’t been to one metro area that the people are respectful and polite to each other and that sucks cause people in general do not deserve that.

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@DREW_R I agree. That’s why I love northern WI. The people that I have met up there are very friendly. I lived in a large city (Vegas) and I never will again.

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Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho, USA.

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