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What is the real story behind consumer credit couseling? Is it worth it? Will the negative remarks be removed from credit report once my debts are resolved? I don't hear a lot of positive things.

Asked by kevsg1 (5points) December 11th, 2007
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I just designed a site for and they offer credit counseling. The owner, Cec could answer this question for you and without a charge I’m sure.

This is NOT a plug. Just trying to be helpful.

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Until very recently, I was a bankruptcy attorney. Unfortunately, many of the providers in the consumer credit counseling industry are either funded by the credit card industry (and actually set up to keep you paying as much as possible), incompetent (resulting in a ruined credit rating and frequently owing far more than when you started) or outright scams.

Your post also suggests what you are seeking is not credit counseling, but rather “credit repair.” There is really only two effective ways to repair your credit: pay your debts or file for bankruptcy. Even then, the creditors and credit reporting agencies are so incompetent or downright malicious that they frequently will continue to misreport negative information that should be removed. Just recently, credit reporting agencies paid out some hefty settlements for willfully refusing to remove negative credit information, even after they knew the information was in error. Most “credit repair” provides very little for high fees.

If you are seeking credit counseling, meaning an analysis of your budget and whether you are able to pay your debts, I have referred a number of satisfied clients to They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, their fees are minimal, and they only provide debter education, they are not selling any products or trying to push you into a particular financial agenda.

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