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How has the evolution of communication mediums (radio > TV > cable TV > internet) increased access to controversial music?

Asked by craziprincess (130points) May 17th, 2009
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I think it would be pretty hard to argue that music isn’t more accessible on the internet than it is on the radio.

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I really don’t think it has. I’m 38 and my access to controversial music has not changed one bit.

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Perhaps all these questions would make more sense if we knew what the teacher was using for the definition of “controversial” music.

I mean, there’s a huge difference between something like the reaction to Le Sacre du Printemps, the anti-Semitism in Wagner’s operas (the characterization of Mime in the Ring, for instance), or songs about political issues like a lot of singer-songwriter folk and punk. And then there are the things that people don’t like—the racism, violence, and amorality in a lot of rap and hip-hop, the jingoistic patriotism in a lot of manufactured country.

So: define “controversial music,” and maybe we’ll be able to write your paper for you.

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Take Elvis Presley. Elvis was seen as controversial, soon enough he broke down barriers from transitioning from radio to t.v. and onto top name t.v shows. Many were upset that he was appearing on Family shows “gyrating” his hips while singing, but soon he gained access to more t.v shows with the ratings he was giving them, in return you can say that these communication mediums were progressively giving access to what was this new era of controversial music. Before that era, it was about Frank Sinatra and music of that kind, which didn’t seem controversial. Soon “race music” and rock and roll came about and it was noticed as an outrage by many religious/old time Americans.

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this sounds like an essay question, if it was…shoot hope you did well on it. lol

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