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Can regression analysis be applied to compute the synergy after "Firm A" aqcuires "Firm B"?

Asked by atlantis (1862points) June 8th, 2009
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According to my humble, ignorant guess; Step 1: Firm A’s data with Firm B’s data for the financial statements is added.
Step 2: Y=a+bx where Y is the value of Firm A after it acquires Firm B. a is the value of Firm B (independant variable) and b is tha value of Firm B.

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No. Two reasons:

1) Mathematics cannot be applied to corporate mergers. Simple reason: humans are involved. To think otherwise is to follow the same line of reasoning behind CDOs, etc.

2) The definition of “value” is highly subjective and not subject to quantification.

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Synergy from corporate mergers derives from a lot of diverse sources, most of which are hard to measure separately, even more so in combination, (combining sales forces, their brand equities, manufacturing processes, distribution channels, etc, etc, etc,). I think it’s certainly possible to create a model that would mimic the synergy effect, but it would not be linear due to the huge number of factors involved, and the overwhelmingly complicated nature of the situation.

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