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Is Facebook really worth my time?

Asked by gymnastchick729 (1182points) June 15th, 2009
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I’m considering getting a Facebook, but not really sure how to bring it up with my parents. I’m 14 and they’re consistantly remminding me of “internet safety” and whatnot. Both have a Facebook account of their own, as well as the rest of my extended family. I will be a sophmore this year and, from what I’ve heard from my friends, it’s not necessarily time consuming, but slightly addicting. Do you have suggestions about whether Facebook is really worth my time?

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It’s crap don’t get one

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If you have to ask, probably not.

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meh, it’s alright, I have one. It’s a nice easy way to keep in touch with family and friends you don’t talk to every day. you’re parents should be fine with it, it’s largely harmless.

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It sure as heck isn’t addictive, i am just about to delete my account cause its just never used . Try it and find out for yourself , you may like it for a while then get bored .
If they have accounts why not ask them to let you have a look around using there account, i don’t see why they would not allow you to have an account . Did you ask them for there permission to have a Fluther account? There is no real risk if you keep your list just that of friends and family on FB, that and keep you account private .

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why not get one, and invite your parents to friend you? that way, they can feel they are keeping an eye on you.

as for the addictive quality, i don’t know about that. it’s not as obnoxious as MySpace, that’s for sure. But it is nice to be able to keep up with people, and share interesting things with them.

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It’s a nice way to keep in contact with friends and family and to stalk someone you like haha

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It’s alright. It depends what’s addicting for you, I’d always go on my Facebook when I’m bored because they have quizzes for you to make and that’s fun. That’s the only reason I have a FB anyways, just for the quizzes..

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I’m addicted to facebook. I get on it at least once or twice a day. I update my status, comment on my friends’ status, share videos that I think are interesting/funny, comment on other videos, chat with people, upload pictures, look at others pictures, comment on pictures, etc. The list goes on and on. I’ve had it ever since it first started when it was only for kids in college and I like it wayyy more than myspace. At first people are unsure of getting one but then (if they really embrace it) they start to really like it. I say get one!

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You’re already on Fluther, why bother with anything else?

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My daughter, age 12, wanted a Facebook account, because “all” her friends had it. Now she shares photos, video, and stays in touch with them after school via chat. She is never away from her posse.

We allowed her to have Facebook if she made her parents friends. I suppose she can still give us selective rights to stuff, so we might not know what else is going on, and we can’t see her private mail. Still, enough stuff appears on her wall that she doesn’t tell us about in real life—mostly, I think, about relationships with friends she knows in real life. Oh yeah. She’s not supposed to friend anyone she doesn’t know in physical space.

I check in every once in a while. I don’t know if she remembers I’m her friend. I never say anything to her, anymore. I once said something on her wall, but that embarrassed her so much that I stopped.

Anyway, if you don’t have friends or family to keep up with, I don’t see the point. They have lots of stupid games to play, and some people seem to like them, but they’re not for me. I suppose that might be the addictive aspect.

If you want real issues and substantive conversation, then fluther is the place to be.

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Meh, facebook is a waste of bandwidth unless you live in Antartica.

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it can be what you want it to be
if you don’t want to play with apps, don’t
if you just want to post pics, do
but choose them wisely (esp. if you friend your parents)
but your friends can sell you out if they tag you in photos you don’t want your parents to see…
guess you’ll have to lead a ‘clean’ life from now on
but what fun is that? :)

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You parents sound like hypocrites.
Get one to spite them.
Besides, if you’re a sophomore in high school, shouldn’t you be able to make decisions like this on your own?

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Useless information time! Actually, there is a lack of bandwidth in Antarctica. We aren’t even allowed to watch youtube videos. But I agree, Facebook is a handy tool when you’re on the ice.

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Its ok I used it heaps when living aboad to stay in touch with friends and family back home! It is little addictive at first but after a couple of months it gets bit boring, but still useful if youre nosey like me and want to find out what is happening with everyone you went to high school with!

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My 14 year old daughter has one, and is on at least several times a week. I just got one, and have found loads of people I went to high school with, and a couple of Flutherites, too. I’m enjoying it so far.

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Facebook is really useful for keeping in touch with friends who are far off. A good number of my friends from college are on it, for instance—people I see once or twice a year.

I’m not sure what benefit it would have for people in high school who see most of their friends every day.

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It’s exactly what you want it to be and you don’t have to spend much time if you don’t want. I think it’s wonderful. I’ve spent a grand total of probably 15 hours over several years and I’ve reconnected with a lot of great people from school. If your parents are concerned about privacy (I am too and I think it’s great that they are), you have complete control over who else can see what in your profile and activity—for this you use your Privacy Settings.

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No, doesn’t the internet waste enough of our time as it is?

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If it is something you enjoy, then no, it isn’t a waste.

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serves a different purpose than fluther and in its space, it’s probably the best. i use it to connect with friends and family located across the country. my kids have been able to connect with relatives they would otherwise not be in frequent contact with. my youngster isn’t allowed to have accounts online that don’t allow parental control and that includes both fb and fluther. i say fb works well if you have other friends and relatives in your networks that you don’t see on any regular basis.

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Fluther is way better than facebook. When I’m on FB, it’s like where’s the lurve?

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It helps one keep in touch with people you wouldn’t normally. If thats important to you, as it is to the millions of people using it then get it. But dont become one of those people who comments on every picture and updates your status every hour. I laugh at those people. You dont want me to laugh at you right?

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If you see yourself traveling or even living abroad in your entire life then face-book can help to stay in touch. Its cheaper than international calls (free instant messaging) and unless you plan on only surrounding yourself with people from your local populous then sure get one or do with out it. All that being said I would have no Idea how people I really care about are getting along, unless I was able to see an announcement of ‘this part of the world is beautiful today’ (or some such). Smiles help wit da Lurve :-)

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nah facebook is just plain annoying.

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you can try it , if you don’t like it , just don’t use it anymore,

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I like Facebook, it’s a cool way to keep in contact with family and friends. It helps you get to know people better and strengthen your relationships with people you may not talk to that much. There are also a lot of privacy options, you can hide certain aspects of your profile you don’t want certain people seeing. Try it out, I thought it was pointless and boring at first but after you get more friends and you start getting the hang of everything, it starts becoming really enjoyable.

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@fantasmagalactica Welcome to Fluther!

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@augustlan Thank You! That made me feel special, haha

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I have a Facebook and am not really addicted. I am on Myspace more often. I am hardly ever on Facebook except to check messages every once in a while from people I aim to keep in touch with that don’t do Myspace.

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i would expect a person namd @King_of_Sexytown to have a myspace over a facebook. seems more appropriate.

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@King_of_Sexytown i believe i said “seems more appropriate.”

looks up to previous comment.

yep, i did.

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I enjoy it.=)

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@King_of_Sexytown At least someone does! Hehe! AND who wouldn’t enjoy THE KING OF SEXYTOWN?!=D

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trust me. i opened it to keep contact with family that lives far away and with classmates..didnt work.i got addicted to it on like the second day that i opened grades dropped…i started gossiping,rumors, etc.,...crazy times.then i deleted it..thats why i opened a fluther i dont really know the people and im not addicted to it even though its been like a month since ive opened it.

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@saysay15 You can’t delete a Facebook.

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yeah you can..i deleted mine like 4 months ago..

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How??? OMG I would sooooo delete mine if I could!!!

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go to account settings..its somewhere there…i forget where though. ( its been like hella months since ive even touched fb)

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I like mine.I’ve gotten into contact with some family I hadnt seen in years as well as old classmates and friends from the past. Its a nice tool if used properly.

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You can stick with facebook as long as you don’t let it interfere with other activities which you would also benefit from.

Too much of something is bad enough.

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facebook is a good place for internet marketing and business meets, if you use facebook ads adn groups for your business purpose.

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