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Do you play Magic the Gathering?

Asked by willbrawn (6614points) July 2nd, 2009
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How long have you been playing? Favorite color to play with you?

I’m thinking of picking it up again. Any good tips or sets I should start with to remember how to play? Any places online where I can find locals around me that play?

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I played for years in middle school, and I never got rid of my cards. It’s actually pretty fun to go back and play now and again. Though it’s still been years.

My main deck was a ridiculous 4-color deck that had a ton of variety and was based around massive Beserk attacks, with weird legends and all double-lands.

Can’t say much about playing online, somehow that seems less appealing to me. I’d just check out the local comic/cards shop in your town. Apparently it’s still quite popular, and there’s all sort of fun tournaments (where you buy the cards there—so they’re very accessible).

I’m sure it will all come back to you. Have fun!

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MTG has increased in popularity ten fold since it came out for the gaming consoles. I currently play and my wife does also. I prefer to use Mono-black due to the ridiculous combos I have in them I also use Blue-Black for library eaters and I have a ridiculous mana-ramping deck to pull out my Ulamog and other extremely hard hitting creatures.

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