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If I crack the screen on my mini acer laptop, will I have insurance on it?

Asked by Rayvin14 (351points) July 7th, 2009
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I got a mini laptop off of QVC in august, well I stepped on it, and cracked the inside. Do you think I have insurance on it, or am i in trouble?

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um..did you buy insurance for your laptop when you bought it?

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do you take it everywhere or do you just use it at home?

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I seriously doubt it will be covered. Either time will have worn out or it’s not covered for things like stepping on it…believe me, they have lists of things they will not cover.

The best thing to do is contact Acer and (or try QVC) and see how long it is covered by insurance, if you purchased additional coverage.

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Acer won’t cover it under a limited warranty, but you may want to call QVC to see if you paid them extra for an accidental warranty to cover things like this.

Live and learn, if you break thinks a lot like this, you may want to consider an accidental warranty next time around if you didn’t get it this time.

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@RandomMrdan that’s the word I couldn’t think of…accidental! Geez!

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Hurry up! Warranties and insurance usually run one a yearly schedule, often of only one year, so if you ever did have any, you might only have until August before it expires.

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If you stepped on it, your warranty is void.
Companies are very unforgiving of the stepping on, spilling on, or dropping of their products.

Regarding insurance, homeowner’s insurance will take care of it if anything is going to.

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Don’t tell them you stepped on it, but they will find out eventually. You might have limited warrenty

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@Tink1113 I’ve done a lot of this sort of thing because of my work and most vendors require that they inspect the damaged equipment before issuing a replacement. Actually, they’ll still issue a replacement, but they’ll charge you for it if they find the damage was out of warranty.

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^ So thats not a good idea??

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@Tink1113 Not saying that, just that it may not work.

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Oh : )

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Actually, there is absolutely no way that would work assuming it was under a limited warranty.

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Crap everybody! hahah! i just dont want to tell my mother because she will probably $h!+ herself! haha!

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Best thing to do with any laptop or any computer. Smash it up. Throw it out the window!
Liberation! Freedom!

Meet you all on the corner with your bikes for a couple of rounds of chase.

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Manufacture’s warranty never covers accidental damage. Just buy a new screen on ebay and replace it yourself. It’s really not a difficult task.

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there is no reason why anyone should try and fix a Netbook computer…they are disposable.

And replacing a screen may be easy for some, but I have a hunch, that the person who asked this question, doesn’t know how to swap out a screen.

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