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How often do you and your spouse have sex now that you have kids?

Asked by whiterussian (3points) January 4th, 2008
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Since we had our first child, sex has just not been a priority for my wife. After our second child it has gotten even worse. I’m just wanting to find out if our sex life (or lack thereof) is normal.

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MY wife and I have three kids and are in our late twenties. We have sex on average about 3–4 times a week. I’d be happy with more but I can ‘survive’ with this. I do remember that after our first child my it took a long time for my wife to find interest in that part of our relationship. A large part of the problem can generally be attributed to lack of sleep for new mothers. It took a while and several open discussions and I think she realized how much she had missed it. I think the sexual relationship is every bit as important as the emotional and intellectual side of a marriage. Good luck!

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I dont have kids or a wife just a fiancé and my sex life is great bout 5 times a week but I hope it doesnt change wen Im married and have a kid or 2

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^^unbelievable^^ Really?!?
I’m too emabrrassed to admit but just look at my fluther score and you can pretty much guestimate for yourself…oh and a happy new year to you too while ur at it.

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realy wut?

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Have you talked to your ‘right hand’ man about this problem? :) LoL… – Sorry, I couldn’t resist

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@northstate: ROTFL! Thanks 8—)

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I have heard of this being a common pattern, and I know many couples whose sex lives greatly diminished over the years. I looked up a few articles for statistics (I remember reading interesting ones before) – which you might find interesting. It’s not a personal answer, but addresses your question. Of course I can’t attest to the validity of any of this, and you can google for much, much more.

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Zina’s link to the Laumann, Gagnon study statistics sounds like a more realistic frequency than a lot of studies I’ve seen. Somehow, I think a significant number of responders are exaggerating in other studies, kidding themselves, or both.

And I note that study has significantly different figures for the frequency that married couples report with each other, and the frequencies that married men or married women report individually. Which of course means somebody’s being naughty out there.

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Well saying as I don’t have a spouse, or children, never.

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