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If the love of your life was a force of nature, what force would they be?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23991points) July 24th, 2009
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A raging fire? A soft breeze? A turbulent ocean? A torrential downpour? A light rain? The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination.

More importantly, tell me why you chose what you did.

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A cool island breeze with occasional gusts of tsunamis.

I’m truly not the easiest person in the world to love. Yet, she handles me fantastically. For the most part, she’s the most easy going soul I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. At times, usually when PMSing, I have to really think hard about things I say or do. They can hold some serious repercussions.

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I’ll have to come back to this…

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Gravity, although we do have a kind of love/hate-relationship..

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He would be a tornado. Somewhat unpredictable but very fascinating. Many people like to chase him and try to figure him out. Some may be harmed if they don’t heed the warning and take proper cover.

I am definately a tornado chaser. I like the thrill and excitement of a tornado but I know that at times I need to hide in the closet for a few minutes until the tornado passes. I do love the calm after the storm though.

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Firestorm: When I’m with him, nothing can compare to the intensity of feelings we share

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@jonsblond Lurve for you. I enjoyed reading that and almost thought I was smack in the middle of the Wizard of Oz. Nice!!

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Well, people would think he’s a tsunami… He’s a great big guy, and very intimidating. Grown men shake in their shoes at the sight of him angry. But, really, he’s a gentle rain shower on a balmy day. Sunlight peeking through the clouds, causing a beautiful rainbow. Warm and comforting.

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I think she is like snow, beautiful and fun.

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I often called my last girlfriend a hurricane—this should give you an idea as to why our relationship ultimately failed, disastrously.

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definitely, not definately. damn

@Deepness Thank you!

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A gentle river. Peaceful, forgiving. Downright sexy. jk about that last one.

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It would be life itself.
The power to at least locally overcome the (my) ongoing deterioration into entropic chaos.

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My wife would be like the Gulf Stream, a powerful and warm current running through me offering support, comfort, and satisfaction. She just has the ability to do that so it’s a fitting comparison.

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A glacier. She has a strong will, and nothing can take her off course.

Except she’s really hot

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How about the ex-love of my life? She would be a white squall. Giving little to no warning and decimating anyone who felt too comfortable around her.

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You run the numbers and you dedicate to the cause.
That becoming the love of your life.

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I’m not sure if I understand the question, so I’ll put out the two scenarios that came to mind. If you mean by the love of my life, my lovely wife, well, she would be a gentle rain, for a gentle rain nourishes all that it touches and spread its magic not with flash and show, but slowly, gently, and without any force. A gentle rain permeates everything, and it does it in such away that you don’t realize what has happened until it is over. That describes my wife to a T.

If you mean just generally, I love thunderstorms. The wind and hail damage not so much, but the sound of thunder is such a rush. There would be no thunder without lightning, but lightning can be deadly. Thunder is never deadly, but it can damn sure be impressive. I love listening to thunder rolling across the open landscape, echoing on and on until it fades completely.

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i’d have to say wind, strong enough to carry me away

and at the same time that would be air so i could finally breathe…

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She’s the Sun.

Occasionally a bit too intense, but mostly warm and full of life giving energy.
When the clouds get between us, i know that she’ll be there again when they blow away.

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She is wind.

Usually calm, but sometimes she’s enough to knock down buildings.

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The ocean. Sometimes calm, and sometimes waves of excitement. Warm, healing, relaxing, soothing. Beautiful to look at (I actually have a favorite wrinkle on his face, he has very few, but funny how the imperfections are as attractive as the more perfect features) Still after 16 years of marriage I find new things I didn’t know before beneath the surface…not secrets; but, childhood stories, or a thought I hadn’t heard him express before. I love being by the sea and I love being by him.

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He is gentle waves breaking on the shore. He is soothing, steady, relaxing and relentless. He makes subtle and beautiful changes as he washes over the sand.

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What a great question. He would be sunshine, he would be lightning. He’d say I am a whirlwind.

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Gravity. She keeps my feet on the ground, I am highly attracted to her and her to me, and she wants everything lol.

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A steady fall wind. Enough to make me catch my breath and make me slow down. Like a gentle reminder to look around at the beauty of the world, but also enough to stir up the leaves…a little messy – here and there!

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An earthquake.
There is no warning when she snaps and rages. You don’t see it coming, and when it is over, you just survey the damage.
She is also an ocean beach, that you marvel looking at for all it’s beauty.

That said, I love the line from Armageddon, from the guy that discovers the meteor that could destroy the planet:
“I want to name her Dottie, after my wife. She’s a vicious life sucking bitch that no one can survive.”

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A light breeze or a whirlwind…he’s always going somewhere or doing something and never seems to stop going…when he’s not busy he’s cool collected but still on the move…sad thing is I’m a water person so there can be a ripple effect sometimes. We get through it like nothing sometimes

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He’s like a volcano. Quiet for years, then all of a sudden erupts with such strong passion. Sometimes he erupts with anger and can destroy the things around him. He’s always hot and just a small touch from him melts my heart.

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He’s toast…He pops into my mind first thing every morning ;)

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Id have to say Earthquakes, Thunderstorms and Winter Blizzards, I believe these to be just a few of Mother Natures many many moods.

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