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Do You Think Some People Are Here Just For Lurve?

Asked by BBSDTfamily (6834points) July 24th, 2009
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Lately I’ve noticed the same people posting short easy-to-read, “feel good” type answers that anyone can agree to instead of actual advice, opinion, or wisdom over and over again. Do you think that’s all these people come up with, or are they doing it for the Lurve???

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….and the lurve gets them where/what exactly?

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I’m not, I actually love this place!! It’s better than myspace for sure.
And what can lurve do for you?

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Ha I don’t know…. you know some people get into pointless things. I mean, lurve is good for determining maybe how long someone’s been around Fluther if you care to know but other than that, don’t know.

I just don’t see why someone would pop in and out of questions with one liners offering no real insight on the subject unless they want lurve.

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Just because someone types the “right” answer doesn’t guarantee lurve. I don’t lurve answers if they don’t make me laugh, or think or feel something that I may never of before, or something that I completely agree with but couldn’t come up with the right words. I usually don’t lurve the safe vanilla answers.

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Not their problem. If people want to give them a GA, that’s their issue.

Also, is anyone actually motivated by that? I had over 2700 points on my old account and then I deleted it. I had to start all over again; doesn’t bother me. I really don’t think people be assigning any kind of significance to how much they have.

So technically I have around 4300 points.

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I usually don’t post in a thread unless I have something to add, or want to say something to someone. I don’t know why every person is on the site, but most people I interact with seem rather genuine.

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Lurve makes the world (or at least Fluther) go ‘round. I give lurve pretty freely. To people with good insight, people with a deep conviction of something I can agree with, and to newbies. Some of the newbies have great answers, and if they don’t deserve a little lurve, then who does? It’s not like I am going to be able to retire on the accumulated lurve. It’s pretty much downright worthless in the grand scheme of things.

I also like to give lurve to people with snotty attitudes or unpopular answers sometimes just to cheese off the holier-than-thou types.

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“Lately I’ve noticed the same people posting”

What same people?

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@atlantis Not doing any name calling here. Just wondering if anyone else thought maybe there is a fellow Flutherite who’s goal is to get as much lurve as possible. Or maybe I only saw a few questions that they posted short answers in. I have also posted short answers on occasion but usually type a paragraph…. (EDIT this sounded like I was talking about just one person in particular… really it’s just something that’s crossed my mind lately)

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Like @DominicX, I have bunches of lurve on my initial account and strong responses to my posts and I’ve been fine to start over again from scratch.

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I agree that the jellies that stick around seem sincere to me. Chasing lurve is little reward for the time and thought it takes to construct a thoughtful answer.

That being said, not every question calls for the same type of response.

Some subjects cause me to rant and be very blunt, however, I mostly shoot for thoughtful yet direct. Sometimes humor is called for and occasionally some snark is what the doctor ordered.

Regardless, I always try to add something honest to the conversation. There’s just no guarentee it’ll be something you want to hear.

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OMG I can’t tell! How can you be sure you’ll get lurve? No matter what answers you give.

I still haven’t figured the lurve game out, I wanna give it to the good answers but I really have to think hard about it and then I just forget :P

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The more honest and compassionate you are, the more lurve you get. I learned that the hard way. Behave like an ass, and no one lurves you. Be caring and actually give a darn about the folks on fluther, and you will get love. Or you have to be funny like @AstroChuck, who gets lurve just for breathing hard, or so it seems =)

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You get lurve if you deserve it, if you don’t then you don’t.

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dumps a big bucket of lurve on @Tink1113 for that answer.

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Most of my answers are short and to the point. I hate having to explain myself

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Oh, absolutely. Lurve whores, the lot of them. Think of the status. Think of the market value. Think of the bragging rights. Don’t you imagine I rise significantly in the esteem of my peers when I tell them how many lurve points I have on Fluther? (Or how much I would rise if I told anybody I’m on Fluther…)

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I don’t see the point in people simply trying to get as much Lurve as possible, but I also wouldn’t doubt that some people do it anyway. As for the “safe” and “feel good” answers… Yeah, they might be annoying to some people, but, they might also be the best answers sometimes.

Answers, in my opinion, should come in all different styles. It guarantees multiple perspectives on the situation or thing being asked about.

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All my answers are short. I don’t like typing on my phone very much. I hope my answers make people feel good. I think if your only point was to aquire lurve, fluther would be pretty boring. I think the lurve is more to let you know if your answer was helpful

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I usually don’t talk much in real life, so I figure my one-liners are appropriate. Sorry if it bugs some people.

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@Jeruba that’s what I was thinking

I suppppose it’s possible, and more power (lurve) to them. If that’s what they want, I say “have at it”.

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Well, if they are here just for the lurve, then good for them. If they can get so much satisfaction out of doing such things, it’ll simply be a statement on them. But chances are they won’t stay.

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People will say something witty and arogant and people will think its funny and give them lurve. Some people on here just give “humorous” answers that don’t help anybody. They act like your stupid for asking such an “oubvious” question but they won’t actually have an answer for you. Dosen’t that make them on the same level as me? Its not like they have an extraordinary answer themselves.

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Yep… that’s me. A lurve whore, for sure!

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I was going to compose a one line answer to this question but in fear of being labeled a lecherous lurve leech of whoremongering proportions, I’m going to have drag this out a bit. On second thought, no I’m not. And just to show everyone that I’m not seeking a GA here, I DEMAND that you DO NOT give me lurve for this response. Instead, I’m lurving every one of you in this entire thread! Yeah, that’s the ticket!

If anyone lurves me and I find out who it is, you’re getting a spanking.

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<————Bending over Bluefreedom’s knee.

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I think the actual question is why the entire world does not accept and give lurve.

Tv shows, political speeches, instead of a tip jar a lurve jar. For that matter instead of grades in school there could be a lurve rating. I think before getting a loan a lurve score should be checked and admission into college should weigh heavilly on your total cumulative lurve.

I would never allow any of my daughters to marry a man with low lurve. ~

Of course, because lurve has no actual value some might object.

Dog (25142points)“Great Answer” (6points)
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Some folks are. . .
looking for lurve in all the wrong places
Looking for lurve in too many faces
Searching your questions, looking for traces
Of what.. they’re dreaming of…
Hopin’ to find some points and a lurver
God bless the day they discurver
Another jelly, lookin’ for lurve . . .

**With apologies to Wayland.

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All you need is Lurve
All you need is Lurve

Dog (25142points)“Great Answer” (8points)
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I’m just a lurve machine and I won’t work for nobody but you! Mmm-hmmm-hmmmm YEAH!

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I’m guilty of short answers, but not to get the lurve!
I like to sum it up and get to the point quick!
(and the iPhone app for this is not as good as it could be)

Does long mean good in
everyone’s book here?

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I am assuming they want acceptance
there are worse things out there to desire

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@Bobbilynn you’ll have to ask @daloon, as he is the KING of long-winded answers. =)

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@Bobbilynn if you don’t like the fluther app, open fluther in safari, then just save the link to your homepage. Typing still sucks, but you can link to things in answers

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If there’s a way to work the system, I don’t get it; there are those who have been in the collective far less time than I (I just passed my 2 year Fluther-versary), but they have surpassed me in Lurve points.

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“Did you do it for lurve? Did you do it for money? Did you do it for spite? Did you think you had to, Honey?” I could do this all day. :D

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I plead not guilty.

Sure, but those people are losers. Lurve can’t buy happiness. Lurve can’t buy anything.

You’ve got to hide your lurve away…

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@evelyns_pet_zebra I disagree @dalepetrie is the king of long-winded answers.

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@boots I agree with you, although Daloon is also great

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i think people are here for the lurve more when i see countless questions about turning lurve into gold than when i see silly jelly-approved quips.

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I know for a fact that Chuckie is here for the lurve. He’s a very needy 6 yr old.

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