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Lets assume someone has been beaten for 20 minutes consecutively but needs to get up and run now: What drug could do it?

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) July 27th, 2009
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Assuming that there are no broken bones, crippling nerve damage and so on… someone has just been knocked around and is in very poor physical condition needs to, basically, get up and run for his life: What could he swallow, snort, smoke or shoot (interesting they all start with “s”... hmm.) that could give him the juice needed to ignore his pain and move out of life-threatening harm’s way?

I imagine they would have something like this for Army guys in the field who need that immediate fix in those “every second counts” instances… this is for story purposes, whatever substance you come up with could be legal, illegal, or a solution found by using a product for “unintended purposes”.

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A can of spinach?

Sorry, man. It just comes out.

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An auto injector like that you push against your leg and fires the needle to the right depth automatically. Or something like the military atropine injectors that you slap onto your leg – loaded with some form of adrenaline.
I can’t wait to read the story.

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Heh, the story’s the backbone of my movie, which if you live in D/FW you’ll have a chance to watch it this November @ Studio Movie Grill. In the past, when I’ve linked my site here the posts have been deleted so for now… if you google “Project Black” it should be the first result.

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Doesn’t meth have that kind of effect? Maybe the good guy has to take the bad drug to survive?

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Coke, not the drink, should do the trick. Bury your face in it like Scarface and he’s healed.

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PCP. It’s illegal and the army doesn’t use it but. Criminals who are on it have been said to run faster away from the police, fall off a building and get up and run, and even get shot andstill be on the move

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Here’s another view of the auto injector . It will give you an idea of how it works.

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The US armed forces have “go pills” for their pilots that run long missions. I believe they are amphetamines. But they are not intended for someone who has been beat up, just to stay awake.

My guess would be PCP. It is renowned for making a regular person able to resist an assault by 6 police officers.

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How is it that he was beaten for 20 minutes and is not dead? Were his attackers not seriously trying? If we’re talking about real-world physics and biology, 5 minutes of beating with intent is enough to kill people, and if it goes on for 20 minutes and he has no broken bones or sucking chest wounds, the attackers weren’t really trying to seriously hurt him.

On the other hand, if it’s action movie logic, there’s probably something he forgot to do—he knows that the bad guys are going to go kick puppies, and that’s enough to motivate him to go on.

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I agree with @Rant, PCP. That stuff is nuts, people can like, lift cars and rip their own body parts off when they’re on it. It’ll make you forget the pain, but I’m not sure how much mental control the person would have once taken.

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You’re writing fiction, so take license. Anybody who has been getting beat up for 20 minutes would probably die from an injection of anything that would give him that kind of boost.

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@ Lupin: I read up on it and asked a friend of mine online (former Army) and he suggested that would be primarily for short term heart rate acceleration to “flush out” biological weaps. You would need to take part 2 after part 1 (Part 2 being an antidote) before part 1 kills you. He also made note that it wouldn’t do anything for pain…

To kinda paint a broader image: At this point in the story (final 8 minutes)... over a 4–6 day span, Grim has eaten one meal, drank a gallon of water, been doped on hydrocodone, opium, survived a 2-on-1 beatdown, simulated drowning, several blows to the body/torso bareknuckle and walked 16 miles. Sunburn or heat exhaustion may also have occurred. He isn’t so much interested in surviving as he is needing the strength to pull himself off a chair, walk about 100 yards and pull a trigger.

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Don’t need to swallow smoke or inject anything. Evolution is way ahead of you. The fight or flight response will have pumped a whole load of performance enhancing drugs into the system already.

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An endorphin, like epinephrine.

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Also, about the “20 minutes but is not dead”: It’s not like someone’s on a stationary bike, peddling to turn a large wheel with boxing gloves attached to it… it’s definitely slower, more intimate, focus on the drug here :)

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PCP also puts you in a state of mind where you have no idea what you’re doing. I don’t think PCP is the ideal solution if they’re going to have to think logically or even carry out some kind of planned action.

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I note that as well about PCP: I’ve seen a couple of vids on Youtube on PCP users and it seems like one of them going be lying/embellishing. One of them shows a black guy without a shirt just strutting through traffic, screaming loudly, stopping occasionally to lay down… the other shows a guy who’s being wrestled to the ground by police: During the struggle, you can see the “PCP User” work to recover his balance, stay upright, he is immediately and articulately responsible to the officer’s commands as well as his friend’s comments from inside the truck… he appears to have the same ability (more or less) of an intoxicated person… possibly more since he was able to stay upright for so long. Hell, he was driving a truck at night!

I would simply describe the man in the physical video as being belligerent, not so much bewildered. Like I said, two very different scenarios, perhaps it has something to do with how the PCP was delivered? (In conjunction with what drugs?)

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If ypu give him your drugs he will probably not give you a beating.

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PCP would work, but it only lasts for about half an hour (heresay; I have never tried this drug). Mushies or acid would be a better choice for some long-term energy, and unlike PCP, acid allows experienced users to keep their shit together. See p. 203 of Neal Stephenson’s Zodiac for a good description of what being on acid can do for a person’s energy. I can personally corroborate this. :)

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Adrenaline! It comes naturally. I just read about a woman, 5’2” 100 pounds. Attacked by a group of men. She falls and breaks her knee and has her eye gouged by a branch and she is choked by one of her attackers. She got away, not by taking a drug, but by will and adrenaline!

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<———can’t stop laughing because of @kevbo‘s reply and just exits to search about PCP =P

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All natural adrenaline. I always hate watching those horror movies where the kid is running and trips and hurts his ankle so he’s struggling to get up. So the big scary monster or killer catches him due to inability to get on his feet and RUN away. You know damn well that if any normal person were in that situation and running was their only way out of dying, their adrenaline would kick them right in the ass and get them out of that situation.

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Divorce. Or the equivalent.

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Try morphine

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