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Different color for the Fluther tee?

Asked by cyn (6913points) August 2nd, 2009
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No offense to Bendrew or whoever created the tee shirt color. I love the jelly. I’m planning on buying one, but the color brown just doesn’t fit me too well. I was wondering if any of you, jellies, think that there should be a different color for this tee-shirt?
or is there already different colors for the shirt?

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As far as I know it only comes in brown, which is too bad as I would prefer navy blue, black, or forest green.

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It is designed to set off Dr. J’s beauty, not ours.

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I think a dark green would look great against the light green of Mr. Jelly, as would a darker blue. But over all, it’s Bendrew’s decision. It’s not a bad idea to recommend it to them though.

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I’d also like to see a navy blue one. Plus, navy blue makes sense seeing as how jellies live in the sea.

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I would prefer it like the color of the fluther background…kind of blueish/teal.

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@Allie Good point, I never thought of that, I just thought that a dark blue would look good against the light green. But that being said, I do still love the brown, and I plan on getting a T-shirt some day. (:

Black would also look good, and the color of the back left jelly on the “We’re all Experts” theme. Or maybe the blue color of the left flower in the “Just for You” theme? Or even the blueish-green color of the “Trusted Community” theme.

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@Allie – I live on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, and our sea water does indeed tend to be brown. But I would still prefer blue, green or black to brown.

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@mangeons that’s a great idea…about the “we’re all experts” “just for You!” thing. lurvo! :)

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Thanks, @cyndihugs. I just thought, “Well, if we can group those colors together on the website, why not on the tee?” (:

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This is a bit much perhaps, but maybe a favorite welcome message could be put on the sleeve or the top of the back near the neck. Like it could say “We’re all experts” (or “Ahoy matey”) on it somewhere in small print.

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@mangeons we should have those comments (the ones under our usernames) there too. :)

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I love that idea Allie. Or, one of my faves “Does your mother know you’re here?” I always see that and reply “Yes, yes she does.” lol4rl.

I’m also a fan of “You had me at @”

Who should recommend this to Bendrew? You, me, or cyndihugs? :P

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@cyndihugs Yes, then everyone will know that you’re a “famale” and won’t confuse you for a “female”. :P

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@Bri_L No, thanks. :)

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:-) hehe

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Eh, I don’t think Mr. Jelly will appreciate being grouped with Plaid. ):

I love Plaid, and I love Mr. Jelly, but the two just don’t mix. ):

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I agree. Any color but brown.

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What about solid in front with the jelly and plaid on the back?

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Ooh! I had the /greatest/ idea! I’d love, like, a dark green solid tee with a blue, green, and white /plaid/ print Mr. Jelly! (:

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@cyndihugs Solid on front and plaid in back? Eeyuck! I don’t think that would look right. :P

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@mangeons I was just kidding.:) I like your Idea of a plaid jelly. Instead of being green, I’ll like it to be teal.

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That would be /so/ freaking amazing! goes to PM Andrew the link to this thread

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@mangeons right now!?

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Yepp. (:

Just PM’ed him the link. Why, is that a problem or something? o:

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@mangeons nope. :) I did the same thing. :))

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Orange! I think it should be an orange shirt: A, because that’s already one of the colours here, B, because I think Dr J would definitely stand out against it, and C, because orange is a really awesome colour on me.

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I think orange would look good (see rusty-reddish-orangeish-brownish post of mine) ; )

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I like the brown personally, but I would probably buy more if they offered different colors

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@RandomMrdan I’m a fan of the brown as well, I just think they should have more variety. (:

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If there’s nothing they can do about changing the brown…I guess I have to suck it up.

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black, long sleeved… running down both sleeves, Dr. J on the front. ….tap the collective, on the back…I’ll buy a half a dozen right now

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I scanned mine and made it into an iron on which I can put on any color shirt. It’s easy with an iron-on computer package from the craft store.

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The brown is a good brown; a Charlie Brown… flattering, unmuddy, harmless and doesn’t distract from Dr. J. I get lots of compliments on mine.

I did have to alter the men’s L because the women’s L are made for 18 yr old willow wands. So I rounded the neckline and made slits on either side. And it feels like real cotton, which many of the recent, outsourced T’s do not.

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I kind of like the color, it is simple. Although choice and variety is never a bad thing. I don’t wear tee shirts, if this was available in a hoodie, I’d be ordering mine right away!

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I do like brown because it compliments my golden locks but variety is not a bad thing.

Put my vote in for a hoodie!

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Before i place my sticker on its final resting place , i am going to transfer it to a black a white and navy tee-shirt . 7½ weeks till my tattoo .

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I’d want a hoodie with the logo for the hood. Then, I could just wear the hood over and it would look like a jellyfish with glasses was covering my head.

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I don’t mind the brown but would love to see it offered in long sleeves of contrasting color, like Black and with words on the back that say, “feel the lurve”.

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