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Can you reabsorb your own urine?

Asked by stratman37 (8691points) August 3rd, 2009
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I got so hot at work today, that I was drinking a lot of water. When I needed to go pee, I got busy doing something else for a while, and then I noticed I didn’t have to go anymore! Is it possible that I REABSORBED my own urine?

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If that were the case, you should always be able to just “walk it off” when you have to go.

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More probable that you peed your pants.

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Naw, c’mon, people – there should be some medical explanation for this.

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Well you did NOT reabsorb your urine. It was still in the bladder. You just controlled the URGE to go (like you would if you were on the road and had to go but you held it until you got home). Sometimes you loose the urge for awhile. Happens all the time. Even with defecating. Hold off on defecating long enough and you could get constipated.

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@Quagmire is right. Happens to me from time to time.

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I do find that I pee less often in hot weather if I don’t up my water intake.

@stratman37 Nice to see you Fluthering again!

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Thanx for all the answers – and the welcome back from Marina – I’m just relieved (pun INTENDED) that I wasn’t screwing up my U tract.

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