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How would you interpret this?

Asked by amoreno06 (363points) August 4th, 2009
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Sure, love can be strong, but I am of a weak spirit.

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Sounds like someone wants permission to fool around.

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Oh wow. That’s a really weak cop out.
That’s basically saying “You cant trust me”.

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Sounds like an excuse to get laid without having to care.

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Sounds like they’re about to tell you they cheated on you.

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love is more powerful than you are…

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Maybe they are not capable of giving the love you deserve.

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They are not in love!
Sorry about my last response…didn’t read the details

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ok, thanks.
i wrote it a while ago while i was in a bad relationship and i didn’t know whether i should stay or if i should get out of it.
my interpretation when i wrote it then was “i guess i’ll stay because i have no one else” (i think)
i just didn’t want to rewrite it somewhere and have people misinterpret it.

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Maybe this person’s spirit has been crushed in the love department.

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“I think with my dick”

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