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Which is better, Yahoo! Mail or Gmail?

Asked by erichw1504 (26443points) August 10th, 2009
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Which e-mail provider is better? What are the pros and cons between the two? Do you have e-mail accounts with either or both of them? Or is there another provider you go through that you think is better?

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Gmail is better.

It loads faster, it’s less cluttered, it’s instantly searchable, it’s fully integrated into the chat and calendar applications, and, oh yes, it doesn’t attach advertisements to the bottom of the emails you send to anyone.

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I haven’t used Yahoo Mail, however I am a longtime user of Gmail. Without even having used Yahoo Mail I would argue that Gmail is better, simply because of the differences between the two companies in relation to improving their products. Google rolls out new features very often, their spam algorithms are constantly revised due to their massive amount of knowledge gained re spam. I believe Google invests more money into R&D and are more successful generally speaking. As well, Google has a huge range of access to their products, such as free iPhone applications.

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gmail. hands down.

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I absolutely love gmail. It has very handy features.

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I don’t use email anymore.
But when I did, I used Yahoo! boy did I hate it, it was always freezing and taking forever to send and load.

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Yahoo comes with so many annoyances—in particular, ads. But also the launching of all kinds of extraneous pop-ups. I hate it. Gmail is so much better. It only gives you mail, and nothing but the mail. And calendars, and other things. The ads are pretty unobtrusive, and easily ignorable. Gmail knows what it is doing.

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Gmail FTW. Clean, sleek, wonderful search features, and representative of the funnest company on Earth.

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Gmail by far.

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Gmail by many many many times. Gmail currently gives you over 7gb of storage and has a clean interface, and lots of awesome features such as labels (like folders but better), filters that work well and are easy to make, you can set up your other POP3 e-mail addresses to run though g-mail now so you only have 1 inbox, or you can download your g-mail mail in a program like outlook that is meant for pop3, your contacts can be downloaded in some standard file type, gmail automatically saves drafts of your e-mail as you type it, I could go on and on. I LOVE gmail.

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@tramnineteen – Well said!

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Mark me down for gmail. And @tramnineteen said it far better than I could, so I think I’ll just leave it at that.

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Gmail is so good. It’s the provider we recommend to all of our moderators.

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Did I add that you automatically get an instant message chat window with g-mail that allows for video and voice chat? You can add your aim S/N and friends into that list too and have a consolidated IM system right on your e-mail page.

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I switched from Yahoo to Gmail. Gmail is far better.

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Gmail. All hail our Google overlords.


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I love GMail because it lets you migrate very easily to your new account. For example if you are a Hotmail user, you could import or forward all your e-mails (and future email recieved to your Hotmail account) and contacts to your new account. You can even send e-mails from Gmail as your old e-mail account! So all your friends will see “From” instead of your Gmail. Nobody will even notice the switch and you will become one very happy user.

It also has the best spam filter in the universe.

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Gmail can sync in to some apps not just by POP but by IMAP as well free of charge.
Hats of to yahoo for being a pioneer in web mail though, but Gmail and all the Google services have far more to offer in terms of use and interoperability.
I have accounts on both, I use yahoo mainly for yahoo groups which I think are better than Gmail…until Google Wave comes. More often, i just forward emails from the yahoo to gmail, a sort of filtering system for email.

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Another vote for Gmail. Gmail give me exactly what I want, the “advertising” is just on the right hand side, I never even look at it. Yahoo seems like freakin’ spam mail to me. Gmail filters all my spam out.

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I just got a Gmail, and if i didn’t have it yet, i would’ve been convinced to get it right now. EVERY PERSON IN HERE so far has supported Gmail.

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Gmail is better because it does what the others do for free. You think yahoo and hotmail are free? Not, they have free versions but to access all the features such as forwarding mail to another account or IMAP access costs a monthly fee. Plus the filters and labels in Gmail make it a great organizer.

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There is no “search mail” tab on Gmail. Wasn’t it there before? Why would they remove it?

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Gmail, it’s faster and has a better spam filter.

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