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Throwing out the tortillas?

Asked by cyn (6913points) August 15th, 2009
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I was throwing out some old tortillas while my mom was doing/washing the dishes. The trash can is not so far way from the kitchen sink, so when I was about to throw the tortillas in full(like the whole circle/tortilla) my mom started to scream at me and saying thet that’s not how you throw them. She then picked them up form teh trash can and she ripped them in pieces(probably 4) then she threw them out. I don’t quite understand why she does that. Any flutherite has any idea as to why this happened?
my guess would be culture or religion.

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We throw ours away the full circle, but my guess would be that it’s some sort of superstition. Like not throwing away whole food, because of something related to god?
My dad gets all paranoid when my sisters play with their food and he said it’s because alot of people don’t have food to eat and they are over here playing with it.
But I’m not sure of the real reason…

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Did you ask her?

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I have not got a clue. @syz seems to have the right idea.

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She started to scream at me again.

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@cyndihugs Because you asked her?

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@Tink1113 yeah….she’s like can’t you think for one second and think of other people….blah blah blah…. I think she means that other people are starving and that throwing out a whole food is like making fun of them.

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@cyndihugs Ahh, I get it. Yup my dad is like that.

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Maybe your mom doesn’t like Texas Tech?

And we never have old tortillas to throw out. We either eat them when they are fresh, or make them into migas or tortilla soup when they get stale.

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or chilaquiles!

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No clue, I throw mine out either way, but we have ducks and geese that eat them, so we rip them up for the littler ducks and leave them whole for the geese!

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She probably wanted to make them a convenient snacking size for the gulls at the dump

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It sorta reminds of something my mother always warns me about: not eating a hard-boiled egg whole. Apparently, if one of your parents is still alive, you have to cut the egg before eating it.

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Sounds like utter insanity to me. I’m sure you mom’s nice but I have no idea. Odds are if you throw them out whole they won’t stay that way long anyway.

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