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What is the one invention that you think Mankind could do without?

Asked by evelyns_pet_zebra (12913points) August 15th, 2009
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I don’t mean like nuclear bombs or guns or anything as serious as that, but like a certain device that simply reeks of laziness. For me, it would be a leaf blower. They are loud and noisy, and they really serve no good purpose other than to annoy your neighbors. Sure, you can sweep leaves off your lawn or your driveway with one, but you can do the same thing with a broom or a rake. I have nothing against power tools, as I own my fair share of them, but I’d never buy a leaf blower.

What are some of the machines that people use that strike you as pretty much a waste of technology, or are simply a superfluous device with no apparent logical purpose?

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An apple slicer.


Use a damn knife.

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Sham Wow. Really.

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Clothing/towel warmers. They eat electricity and for what? Your clothes are warm when you put them on. Like they would be two minutes later.

On the other hand, I’m guilty of using the apple slicer. Because when you make a pie, something that cores an apple quickly is damn useful.

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The internet…we did without it for thousands of years. I guess as a web designer, though, I’m supposed to be promoting the internet and its greatness.

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@FrogOnFire Now that just seems like blasphemy…us being on Fluther and all ;)

@EmpressPixie We used a wipe warmer for Cash when he was a baby, and damn..I wish I could use warm wipes to wipe! They are a gift from god! lol

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The Snuggie is pretty stupid.
The SnugWow! and the TugWow! on the other hand…
two great inventions. Too bad they only come in one color.

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I’m sure the lady in this picture wasn’t impressed.

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For a regrettably long two month period in high school I worked as a janitor in a movie theatre and I have to say that the leaf-blower is in my opinion the only tool for getting popcorn out from under the seats.

my vote is for dog strollers

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@kalafatic I agree. Walk the dog.

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Baconnaise. Anyone who uses this should never be allowed to procreate.

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My sister just asked for a leaf blower for her birthday. I was so tempted to send her the link to this Q.

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@kalafatic okay, for theatres yes, for everyone else, no.

I don’t go to theatres, and if I did, I wouldn’t throw popcorn around because I used to work as part of a maintenance and clean up crew at a local civic center. People are pigs in public.

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The snooze button. My wife uses it all the time. I don’t see the point to it. I like to sleep right up to the last minute. I don’t need to be awoken just to know that I only have seven minutes left before I have to get up.

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Ugg Boots

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Electric scissors. DH brought home a pair a few months ago and gets quite huffy when I snicker as he’s cutting out coupons.

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I posted this as an answer to a similar question, but it is relevant enough to deserve more attention.
The steak branding iron
I mean really, who needs to brand their steak with their initials before they eat it?

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@evelyns_pet_zebra I am going to go further with your leaf blower and say the two-stroke engine. Think wave runner, etc. Two-stroke engines are horribly noisy and horribly polluting.

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M$ :P
Or the guy who invented Bill Gates .

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Leave blowers.

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@mattbrowne Yea that is pretty useless since the wind is free :)

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Pop Music, Shutter Shades, and Predict-a-text

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@Ame_Evil GA to you for Predict-a-text. I hate that passionatly!

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The “Easy Button” (which, I actually BOUGHT!!!)

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@Quagmire: I’ve always wondered about that thing. Is there, like, some actual benefit to buying it? Or is it just a prop?

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You press it and things get easy (although it doesn’t work for women I date and that’s why I bought the damn thing)!

Actually, the money you pay goes to charity.

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Car alarms and Crocs shoes

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Bottled water. I mean, how more obvious can you get when you name your water NAIVE backwards?

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@dynamicduo- I’m with you. And I love when people actually buy bottled water at a restaurant when they could just get some “regular” water for free. Myself? I like to mix my own. I just pour a couple parts H for every one part O in a tall glass. Good stuff.

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Humans can do without a lot of things. I think we’d be better off without a lot of these things we cling to.

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@AstroChuck Now that’s funny!

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It makes you sound more of a wuss
Please…just make it go away….

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The little wipers on headlights. Do they make a sound like d-bag, d-bag when they work?

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Nose hair clippers.

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and let your nose hair gro?. ewww

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@teh_kvlt_liberal Sissors! That is what sissors are for!

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but you can cut your nostril!
I’m not taking those chances

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the technology in the higher end cars that will automatically apply the brakes if you are distracted. It will make rich people learn to look where they are driving instead of down their noses. It just seems like a solution looking for a problem.

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Just about every one that has been on late night infomercials, mostly the useless exercise machines.

And treadmills – seriously, just walk around the block!

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@FireMadeFlesh kind of hard to walk around the block when there is a foot of snow on the ground and the wind chill has the temps around minus 60 degrees.

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@FireMadeFlesh Last time I did that, I got arrested for my workout outfit.
Who knew tubetops and hotpants were inappropriate?

I can wear whatever I want when at home!

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@evelyns_pet_zebra If its hard, then you’ll get extra exercise shovelling the snow out of the way as you go. You’ll have to work quickly to keep warm too.

@Sarcasm Good point, and you can’t watch Sex and the City either!

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It’s seriously just not worth going out for walks. The other day I put my boombox in my knapsack to listen to the new Katy Perry album and people started complaining it’s too loud. You know the old saying, if it’s too loud, you’re probably a jerk who doesn’t enjoy the musical stylings of Katy Perry.

But really. Doing exercise at home, you have a lot more freedom on how you look, what’s going on, etc. If I had a treadmill and wanted to jog nude for half an hour, I could do it damnit! Or I could do some running as I’m waiting for my meal to cook without worrying “Oh no I’m too far, I can’t get back in time before it burns!”

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@Sarcasm Maybe it was too loud. Do you have an mp3 player? I can see your point, but I like running (on the rare occasions when I actually go) because nothing else is happening at that time. Its just me and the pavement, and if I go too far then I’ll have to damn well man up and run back anyway. I find that on a treadmill I suddenly think of something better I could be doing, or something I forgot to do which leads to a very disjointed workout.
Maybe they are also needed in Beijing to allow a workout without destroying your respiratory system.

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Advertisement breaks, the microwave, those hats with a fan on the top, spray on cheese, breadmakers, horoscopes, and postman strikes

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Disney, if youre a douchebag rich snob, or just goodlooking with a little talent, than people hate you, but if you sign with Disney…....EVERY TEENAGE GUY AND GIRL LOVES YOU!!

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Recumbent bikes. You’re supposed to be exercising, and you’re too lazy to be in an upright position?

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