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Should I buy a Bicycle or a Longboard?

Asked by derekpaperscissors (631points) August 20th, 2009
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I’m contemplating between buying a bike (most probably a mountain bike) or a longboard (the wheels kind).
Thing is, both are considerable expenses since I don’t want to get the cheapest one, I’d prefer it to have some durability and quality in it.
I’ve been planning on getting the bike first, but then again I’m also beginning to be interested with the longboards recently.
Also, I know how to use both.
Any suggestions, or recommendations for how to go about this is appreciated. Maybe you could also recommend models available.

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Here’s different kind of longboards.

I’d go with the bike, yeah longboards are probably cheaper but the dirt bikes seem more fun, and I know alot of people would rather choose the bike than the board.

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Does’t it depend on where you spend most of your time?

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From personal experience, the bike will do you much better as a means of transportation. Hills can be a bitch!

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I’d also go with the bike, I personally don’t like longboards.

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The bicycle is more utilitarian.

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Unless by longboard you mean surfboard I’d definitely go with the bike.
Shaka, brah!

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I’ve been boarding for abot 10 years and I love it, but I really think if your going to invest the time and money into one or the other it should be the one you personally will use the most if getting the bike would mean you’d ride it everywhere and use it for other means then fun I’d go with that…

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I ride my bike place even an all terrain skate board would not go, so I think the bike is a lot more versatile and useful. But every time I see one of those off road boards I am tempted!

Tink did you ever ride one of those???

Oops, back to the question, I vote for mountain bike.

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@rooeytoo Yes I did/do :)

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I used a long board when I lived in Tampa for a bit, used it for work and to get to friends houses here and there when I didn’t want to take my motorcycle out, I thought it was pretty cool, it’s the laziest way to skateboard around evar.

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@rooeytoo haha exactly how i feel about it, the boards really look fun to toy around it, but a bike would probably be more practical.

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Biking is practically my religion. Get one; you will never be sorry. I ride into work 2–3 days a week 35 miles round trip, and I love it. Can’t do that on an oversized skateboard.

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Bike. It’s a lot easier for long distances and it’s more comfortable in the long run.

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I LOVE my longboard. I bought mine about 5 years ago and it has been a source of much enjoyment for me. It’s relaxing, fun and a good workout. Bikes may be easier to get around on, but nothing is more fun than longboarding to me, so I guess it really depends on what you want out of either one. Longboarding is definitely a sport to get into though, whether you’re alone, carving down hills listening to music or with friends skating around town it’s sure to be lots of fun and a great outlet for relieving stress.

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Probably also depends on how far you need to go or what the terrain is like. For example, noticed a lot more people cruising on longboards in NYC since they added some smooth bike lanes – not sure how much fun this would have been a few years ago mixed in the with the motorized vehicles.

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Bike. I ride to and from work on a fixie year-round and it always brings a huge smile to my face.

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It depends on what you use it for. If your using it for recreation use, I would definitely go with the longboard. I ride my bike everywhere, but when I got a longboard last summer i couldn’t stay off of it. I used it for fun and to get around town. In my opinion, Longboards are more fun than bikes. but if you want to do a lot of off road or long distance riding, you should obviously go with a bike. Longboards are cheaper, more portable, and easy to maintenance. You can get a good longboard for about $160. So it comes down to what your going to do: Fun, short distances, you should get a longboard. Long distances, you should go with a bike.

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