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Does anyone know a fun website?

Asked by NowWhat (317points) August 22nd, 2009
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Due to the nature of my job, I find myself on sites like this (which is my new favorite) all day long. Does anyone know of any time-consuming sites that are free, fun and keep you entertained? Other than Facebook/Myspace/Xanga.

Some examples would be:
Of course Fluther!

Please don’t suggest Yahooanswers, they got old a long time ago! Thanks

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Yahoo! Answers~ Fun Fun Fun site that keeps you busy! Every second there is another question that you can answer. I agree with Simone De Beauvoir, this is a fun website! Facebook is so much fun! I wish I could live on it! You can take amusing quizes, and fun ones to.
(obviously) Just search something funny like ‘Kid playing with tampons’ Or something else you might be interested it. It’s fun for me, you can comment on other peoples journals, and ideas.

Hope I helped.

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You know, I just checked out makes me think.. Pretty good. I’ll add that to my list of random stuff to check out everyday. Ha

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i mean

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How do you make the @casheroo things? That is red and underlined things!

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Oh lol I just did!

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@casheroo You win this one hands down.

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@bennihan Unfortunately he does! oh no wish I did, Bennihan, did you actually answer a question?

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Umm well if you like games then you can go on or and mess around there!
Or you can go on a great music website called and it’s really cool! :)

Sarcasm's avatar if you’re into drinking humor. ..or rather, what drunk people find humorous.

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I’m a webcomic junkie, so here’s a list of webcomics:
Ctrl+Alt+Delete Gamer comic. Updates Mon, Wed, Fri.
Looking For Group Fantasy-based comic (elfs and warlocks, etc). Updates Mon & Thurs.
VG Cats Gamer comic. Rarely updates anymore, but good archives.
Cyanide & Happiness Stick figures with jokes many would consider offensive. Updates daily.
Least I Could Do Basic comic that follows a guy and its pretty clever and amusing. Updates daily.
xkcd Nerdy comic Updates Mon, Wed, Fri.
Urf Anyone would love this, and there’s only a few comics. Hasn’t updated since May.
Girls with Slingshots Basic comic that follows a girl and its pretty funny. Updates every weekday.
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal One-panel comics some might find offensive. Updates daily.

FML I’d hope you’ve heard of this by now.
Sxephil Youtube channel where the guy makes comments on the news. Its pretty amusing.
The Consumerist It sounds kind of boring, but its good for information whores.
Lifehacker Full of posts about life ‘hacks’.
Neatorama Full of posts about neat stuff. Sometimes kind of intellectual, but most of the time just about cool odd-ball stuff.
I-Am-Bored Lots of funny / bizarra pictures and videos, a few cool flash games, and some interesting links. Mostly a funny site.
Cracked One of those ‘top ten’ sites. Its funny. The pages breed, too, so its a great way to waste time.
Kongregate Free flash games. Loads of them.

Everything but Kongregate, Urf, and VG Cats I visit daily (in addition to Gmail, Facebook, and Fluther (all those tabs are open 24/7) and a military wives forum). You know, because I don’t have a job or a life right now. Employers seem to think I’m too cool for that kind of stuff

Now that I think about it, I get emails from LOLcats, so I don’t visit the site, but that’s a good time waster too.

Vincentt's avatar can keep you busy for hours. Really. You’ve been warned.

Which reminds me of xkcd. And other comics.

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@dee1313 thanks. I really liked the Lifehacker site and I’ll be checking it out more.

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@dee1313 That was good! I liked that answer, I found that Cracked was a funny site, you deserve ‘Best Answer’

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Nobody has mentioned the merits of yet?! My gosh….

@Simone_De_Beauvoir That is an amazing site… I’ll keep myself updated on it. I can seriously see where and when it would be useful.

@dee1313 is really interesting.. Cool…

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Do you Stumble ?

syz (35695points)“Great Answer” (0points)
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@syz Stumble, I will add that to my list.

@Saturated_Brain I will also add that!

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I just checked out Stumble, too. It’s great!! Never heard of it before.

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^—do good&improve your knowledge while eating up time.

limeaide's avatar It’s the best, it aggregates all the best websites to one page and updates continually with the most popular content of the moment.

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thanks for all the cool links, I just spent too much time at several of these websites.

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I second @SuperMouse‘s suggestions.

jrpowell's avatar has wasted the last eight years of my life.

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Questionable Content
Something Positive

Mental Floss
TV Ark (Focuses on UK TV, but has an international page including the US)
Best Week Ever
Look at This F%$#@ing Hipster

and one of my new favourites: This Is Why You’re Fat.

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@hungryhungryhortence Yes, is great! Every problem you solve right, they donate a handful of rice to charity, I once had so many donated rice handfuls, that it was unbelieveable, so you are filling up your boredom, while donating rice to charity.

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@Saturated_Brain Yea, I can’t believe no one mentioned failblog either. I forgot about that. Added..

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@johnpowell What’s metaspot? I looked but I dont get it

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@imyourbffjess Thanks! That’s everything in my Comics/Daily folder on my bookmarks bar. I thought about going through my Random folder, but I haven’t updated it in so long its frightening.

StumbleUpon looks cool. I use Google Chrome because I have a huge crush on Google so I didn’t download the toolbar, but that doesn’t seem to matter much. Neat. bookmarked

Check this one out just for fun. There really is nothing to it, but I stared at it for a while when I first visited it.

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VS's avatar is one of my favorites, too. I’m valleysailor at that site, if anyone is interested in what interests me.
Of course, for the pictures, I like

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Thanks for making me lose the past 2 hours guys!

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@drdoombot Haha. Ditto

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Well, here’s an update. I checked out that from above, and read every single one starting with the first post, and now I have to wait everyday for new ones. I’m hooked. But still, does anyone know of more websites?

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@jenandcolin welcome to fluther. Lurve.

rooeytoo's avatar is a great one for new ideas and how to implement them.

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