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Bit of a techno-tard here. Need computer help (see details inside)

Asked by Jude (32198points) August 26th, 2009
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Somehow, I now have managed to move my start-up menu/all programs to the right side of my screen, as opposed to the left. And, it’s up at the top of my screen. Also, I am not able to open up any of my windows all of the way (say, when using the internetz). How do I fix this?

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It is draggable to different positions. Just drag it down to the bottom again.

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like @pdworkin said, drag it over, ha ha
oh and lurve for techno-tard, now a part of my vocab, thanks!

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To keep it from happening again, you can right-click on it and Lock the Taskbar

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Totally stealing ‘techno-tard’. It’s much better than my usual: technologically deficient.

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Yeah ditto for me. That’s the whole reason I clicked on this thread. Now I know how to describe myself.


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