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Is wireless invisible fencing or wired in-ground fencing better for one golden retriever puppy?

Asked by circedog (49points) August 29th, 2009
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I have 3 acres with a large pond that I want the puppy to stay out of, and a very busy dirt road, so I would like to confine her to just the immediate back yard. I don’t care about the cost so much, as which would be better in the long run. We have alot of burrowing animals like groundhogs.

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What about plain old chain link or hog wire fencing? I’m curious as to why you want a fence to be electric?

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Personally, I would never you use an electric fence (I think that it’s cruel. Sorry). I agree with @scamp, chain link or hog wire.

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Keep in mind that invisible fencing (usually) works fine to keep your dog in, but (never) keeps other animals out.

If cost is not an issue, why not build a regular fence?

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Invisible fence is the norm in this area. They work great to keep your dog in and you don’t have to worry about mowing or the cost of installing a regular fence.
The dog training was awful to listen to. Try to have someone else be home to distract you.

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I would opt for chain link fencing to create a play yard for your puppy until you have had time to teach her to stay away from the road and out of the pond.

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I too prefer traditional fencing. I knew a man who lost 2 akitas with electric fencing. It was a particularly cold winter, the dogs grew extra thick coats and there was a deep snow cover. The dogs ran right over where the fence was buried and they never felt a thing.

Also as was mentioned above they do not keep other critters or children out.

If you are worried about the pup digging under a traditional fence, bury cement blocks under the fence line or pour a shallow footer, that will deter all but the most determined digger.

If you build a solid fence, put a couple of wire covered “windows” in so your dog can see out. I think they bark more when they can’t see what is going on out there in the world.

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I hate electric and “invisible” fences. I think they are much more likely to cause harm. A good, professionally installed chain link fence is your best bet. We had metal shields installed around the bottom of our (yard size) chain link fence, because our dog is a digger.

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On top of that, once your puppy learns the rules, the fenced in area becomes a place to put your vegetable garden where it is harder for critters to get in to steal your produce.

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