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Google Chrome: Aw Snap Error?

Asked by bonus (543points) August 30th, 2009
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Can anyone help me figure out why Google Chrome is giving me this Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage Error?

I have looked all over Google Chrome Help section. This seems to be a very common problem.

It is ironically crashing for every Google site (Gmail, Gcal, etc.).

This is the third time I have attempted to install it on my machine.

I have made sure that my antivirus protection is not blocking Chrome (via this suggestion).

I have created a new browser user profile.

I have appended the Chrome shortcut.

None of these tactics are working. Actually, the shortcut option made it worse: there was a crash window in addition to the Aw, Snap window.

All this is very cute, to somebody, I guess but I thought it would be nice to actually use this browser. It seems lightening-fast and perfect for using Google products.

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Do you insist on having Google Chrome? Use Firefox. It’s a great browser. If GC is causing you problems, don’t use it. It’s not worth fighting it. Use something that works.

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@jbfletcherfan NO. I have Firefox set-up perfectly and I use it pretty much exclusively.

My reasoning for this experiment is I am trying to move away from using Outlook and just simplify by only working from the cloud, so to speak.

While Firefox is great, it tends to get bogged down with my customizations.

Chrome seems like a perfect interface for my new adopted office software. If I don’t tweak it too much and just use it for email and tasks and my calendar and such, it would be a pretty great setup.

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@jbfletcherfan ; I must nit be savy enough for fire fox. It really messed up my whole computer.

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@bonus You must have a lot more things running than I do. FF has been a Gods’ send on here. Talk about bogging down…IE ran so dang slow I about thought I was on dial-up. This is lightening fast compared to what IE was & it has lots of cool features, I think.

@Judi I’m sure you’re savvy enough for FF. It just takes a while to learn where the buttons are. Just poke around in it & set things the way you want them.

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@jbfletcherfan I totally agree with you on FF all the way. However, it now takes a long while to even start. I have tweaked it to run as fast as possible and performance is very good. Lately, I have been interested in seeing if other browsers are faster and both Opera + Chrome seem way faster. The key is to not use any add-on, in my opinion. Try as I might, I can’t part with close to 20 add-ons for FF.

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@bonus Hmmm…I don’t know anything about Opera. Never even HEARD of it. :-( I have a friend who has GC, tho. He LOVES it.

20 add-ons. Wow. You ARE busy! FF runs great for me. But like I said, anything’s better than IE!

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isn’t the aw snap error a plugin error ? do you see a sad looking folder ? i’d almost say there’s something wrong with one of your plugins, but what could be the problem ?

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@iwamoto Good question. I haven’t added any plugins to Chrome or anything since I haven’t been able to get it to even function at a minimal level.

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20 add-ons is nothing :P

Anyway, you might want to try Mozilla Prism, special Firefox-based instances for single websites. Not bogged down with your add-ons ;-)

Also, I think Chrome might be able to use your Mozilla plugins (might depend on your operating system), so that might still be the error. Though if it crashes on every Google page then I don’t think that’s the case, as they don’t usually need plugins.

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@Vincentt Yep, still a mystery. Thanks for those suggestions. I will check those out.

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Whenever it’s done that to me, I just close out and open it back up and it works, but that’s not what you want to hear.

Most of the time, its because of Java or Shockwave or stuff like that. I’m not super smart of the internet sort of stuff, but you might check to see that you have updated versions of that stuff, and that they are working properly and everything.

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@dee1313 Yeah, thanks. I have everything updated. It’s a brand new installation. Weird, huh?

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@bonus What OS are you running?

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@jbfletcherfan WIN XP PRO with all the updates.

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Okay…I was just thinking if it was Vista, that may be some of the problem. I’m on Windows XP home

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@jbfletcherfan Thanks. I have avoided Vista like the plague because of all the problems I hear it causing.

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Oooohhh, yeah. Don’t go there. I had my computer in the shop for 3 days last week & my guy says the new Windows 7 is good. He likes it anyway. I’m glad I’m going to be able to skip over Vista.

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@jbfletcherfan Windows 7 looks good. I need stable so I’ll stick with what I have for now. I am contemplating moving to all Macs as my next big move. I am tired of thinking about this stuff. My office needs to run.

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@bonus I don’t know a thing about Macs. I’m a Dell gal myself. Old habits die hard. It WOULD be nice to not have to worry about viruses. That was my battle last week. 91 infections!!! :-(

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Don’t want to worry about viruses anymore ? tired of that same old slow system ? then you’ve come to the right place

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@jbfletcherfan I have a Dell which is super solid and no one can convince me otherwise and and their customer service has been top-rate.

Geniuses, eh, not so much. I also have a Macbook Pro laptop which I boot up windows in. As it turns out, most of my work (as an architectural designer) requires me to use a PC (software like Autocad (for 2d drawings) and Rhino (for 3d modeling) won’t run on a Mac and other software (Adobe Creative Suite, for example), commonly attributed to being Mac only run just fine on my PC). Still, I picked up the Mac because I was working in an office that was all Mac except for me and my design team. I wanted to learn and the potential for a happier interface is still a goal of mine. Hopefully, as I move up the ladder and gain more responsibility, I won’t be a CAD monkey and can move away from the PC platform. For now, Mac just isn’t versatile enough.

@iwamoto Not so fast. There have been documented problems with viruses and hacking with Macs just as well. I am not happy with all the monopolistic bullshit Apple is up to these days (thankfully, there is quite a backlash forming against that trend coming from Apple’s own fans and potential new customers (including me)). Let’s not forget that this contributes to less affordable software available. Also, the interface is actually a bit dumbed down, inefficient and chaotic for me in some regards. So, design wise, it is imperfect. The Mac platform architectural design software is laughable. (My nickname for Form-Z was Control-Z because it was just that crappy.)

That being said, the idea of the Mac appeals to me. It just has not been proven to me yet. We shall see. As my current goal is to move towards simplicity, Mac, conceptually will only do.

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@bonus Oh, if the whole office network was Mac, then you’d have to switch, yes. I just don’t like change. I started out with a PC & I worked for almost 16 years with them, so that’s definitely where I’ll stay.

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@bonus I’m using Vista, so that may make a difference.

You don’t use Norton, do you?

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@dee1313 Oh, I second that. Norton stinks!

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I use Zonelabs and I am pretty happy with it. It may be blocking Chrome but not in any way that I can detect.

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i have the nightly dev build of chrome running better than safari on my mac, and running fairly well on a win 7 rc partition. i’ve also used: flock, firefox, opera, ie, and camino. (opera: fast! tied with chrome). my two cents: i think the design of chrome makes antivirus unnecessary (with some common sense), at least on mac. my programmer son agrees. firefox 3.5—ugh. so slow it was unuseable. chrome is already handling downloads better than safari and it’s still alpha. you can also simply bookmark many “bookmarklets” and extend it’s functionality. why the troubles you’re having? examination of your event logs then googling the error messages can give clues.

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@iquanyin Thanks for the input. I have tried the dev build, too. I am running Win XP, which might be part of the problem. I installed Chrome on my Mac Powerbook running Win XP and it seems ok. It is super fast which seems great. According to tests that came out this week, Opera is faster anyhow. I haven’t been patient enough to submit error logs to Google and you’re right, I should do that next.

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@iquanyin What is the reason for Chrome’s design to “make antivirus unnecessary”? That’s just not true and really shouldn’t be told to people.

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BETTER yet upgrade to iron

it’s a better chromium than chrome is:

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