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Which do you prefer Nikon or Canon?

Asked by iAManEXPERT (87points) September 5th, 2009
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i really want a camera, and im in between nikon and canon which one should i pick and why.

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My friend works at Best Buy, and he told me that Canon is better than Nikon.
I recommend that you buy a copy of (or subscribe online to) Consumer Reports. They have a great system for reviewing goods, and you can find out what camera is best for the price range you want.

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At that level, you can choose by price and/or features. Carefully read the reviews of each model you are considering, and don’t listen to fanboy talk about which brand is the best, but think about what kind of pictures you intend to take, what features you need, which you can do without, etc.

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What exactly do you want from it? I’ve just replaced my canon with a lumix and it’s awesome :-)

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Because of Maria Sharapova…
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Are you looking at DSLRs or compact cameras? That is very important to my suggestion.

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Neither, I prefer Olympus, a better camera company all around.

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I had problems with Nikon regarding a malfunction on a brand new middle range camera. Their customer service was nonexistent. I have had several Canons and never had any problems, they all worked perfectly.

Just something to consider.

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Canon. It’s what I was raised on.

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I own both, and they are both great,

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I’m a Nikon man, myself. They seem more focussed on optics and making cameras work cleanly. Canon, it seems to me, is more about marketing. However, in my household, we have both.

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I echo what daloon said. I associate Nikon with quality and fine optics. For instance, I have a 35mm SLR from the 80’s and it’s still the best camera I’ve owned. However, Nikon is pricey, so I haven’t owned any recent models, nor have I had to deal with the customer service. When I’m more financially settled, I plan on getting a Nikon digital SLR, it’s just currently out of my price range. I have had some experience with one of their point-and-shoots and while it had loads of nifty features, I couldn’t believe how poor quality some of the shots were, especially being ones my Canon would have managed quite nicely.

On the other hand, I’ve used three different Canon point-and-shoot models (two mine, one my mom’s). I highly recommend Canon.. they’re more affordable and you do get good quality for your money. I feel they’re durable, save for the manufacturing error they made in some models a few years ago. My camera was one of these, and I was more than pleased with Canon’s resolving the issue. They paid for shipping both ways and I got a newer model camera out of the deal because they couldn’t fix mine. The whole process took about a week and I was rather pleased at how smooth things went, not to mention I ended up with a better camera!

The SD series tend to have a bit of a soft focus, but I’m kind of anal about it, I don’t know that everyone would notice. It can be fixed in post-processing, usually. My mom has an S70 and it’s seriously the nicest point-and-shoot I’ve ever used, the pictures come out vivid and crisp, no post-processing needed. The only thing these cameras don’t do well is night time shots without flash, the dark parts are very noisy.

Anyway, if you want help deciding, I highly recommend this site; it’s helped me buy three cameras. :)

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Pentax is the way to go :D

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Canon :)

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