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Is there an airsoft sniper that is at least 3" accurate at 400+ feet?

Asked by fortris (683points) September 22nd, 2009
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If not, what’s the longest+most accurate you can get? The budget is under $1000. Must be legal to use in competetion. Please provide links.

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You would probably get better information at your local supplier. My son says this AZC-GR700 is his favorite for competition shooting

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I highly doubt it. The way that airsoft keeps the BB’s aloft at long range is to use “Hop-Up” which is a fairly unstable rotation about an axis that is not parallel to the direction of motion. Because of this the groupings at even a few hundred feet can be fairly wide. A lot of this depends on the FPS of the gun and weight of the BB’s you use, but it also depends on the stability of the “Hop Up” configuration on the gun. Every gun will be a little different, even the best manufactured ones will have slight differences from what the manufacturers tell you they achieve. I’d say the only way to be sure is to try it yourself.

How they can get a propane launched BB to travel at 720 fps I’ll never know (actually if I did the math I probably could know), but to me, the only way to overcome the instabilities of “Hop Up” is to go heavy and fast, so the gun YARNLADY posted seems to be a good place to start.

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@shuffle128 What about this?

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an outside arena i played at had a 1000 fps max for rifles. The guys i talked to there said that youre gonna want something that his a .25g ball at 1k. Heavier mass will keep it flying straighter in wind, and it will be less effected by its own wind resistance (i believe). But to be honest, ive never been sniped in airsoft so i dont know how effective they are.

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@fortris 1” at 50 yards is pretty darn good, but not necessarily as accurate as you want it.

Do I see barrel rifling dimensions there? Very cool. That would account for the excellent accuracy, however you’re going to loose range very quickly without “Hop Up.” Expect a lot of drop in your shots above the effective range. It should shoot pretty straight, but without more power than is legal, I don’t think it’ll hit the target accuracy you’re looking for.

At 850 ft/s you’ll get a drop of about 3.5 feet at the 400 ft range without “Hop Up.” This is why “Hop Up” was created. Because airsoft guns have to shoot at a limited FPS you must trade accuracy for range. Technically you could be fairly accurate at 400 ft with the gun you posted, but you would have to sight in for a 3.5 foot drop and if you did that it would be demonstrably inaccurate at ranges between the effective range and the range you want to hit (this is why effective ranges are manufacturer specified).

I definitely like that it’s CO2. It’s a heck of a lot easier and cheaper to get than green gas as well as a heck of a lot more powerful. I don’t think I’d like the absence of a stock but since it claims there’s “no recoil” I guess it’s not that important. (Technically anything that fires a projectile has recoil, the only reason they state this is because the projectile you’re firing weighs next to nothing so the recoil is nearly nonexistent.)

@kibaxcheza Yes, a heavier projectile will have more inertia and thus be less easily accelerated by aerodynamic forces that a similarly shaped object of lighter mass would also be exposed to. However, the impulse provided by a gun is relatively constant regardless of the projectile weight you choose so the heavier the projectile, the less muzzle velocity the projectile will have. What you want to do is maximize the momentum in the projectile, while ensuring you stay within regulations and maintain good accuracy. This is pretty hard to do. If you get a rifle that shoots lighter BB’s at above 1000 FPS replacing them with heavier ones can bring the muzzle velocity within regulation ranges.

The best you can possibly get is a rifled barrel gun that can shoot the regulation maximum weight at the regulation maximum FPS.

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No, not without an elongated projectile that can rotate with the rifling.

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