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How to kill the invisible mosquito in my apartment?

Asked by ckinyc (1161points) October 1st, 2009
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I am getting mosquito bites in the last 2 days. I know I have a mosquito living off me in my apartment. However, I have only seen it once at the corner of my eyes! Besides from poisoning my blood, how can I kill it?

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Invisible 12 gauge over-and-under.

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LOL! Oh, sorry, shouldn’t laugh at your plight.

Maybe blast fly-spray round your apartment, shut the door and leave it for a bit. Surely that would kill the little sucker. (Hee hee, pun intended).

(But food in a safe place to avoid contamination).

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This thing is eating me alive in all the bad places… pinky knuckle, top of my foot, knee cap…

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I have a way to get it in your sights so you can get your revenge.

Mosquitos follow light and vibration. Turn on your bathroom light then turn off all the other house lights from farthest away till you get to the bathroom.

Go inside the bathroom and close the door leaving a 3” gap of door open.

Wait, hum, sing if you want and keep your eyes above the door. Within 10 minutes the mosquito will come in.

Note: if it is dangling outside the door deacrease the door opening to ½” and it will move into the light.

Seriously- this works. I do it all the time.

I do not know if the humming really helps but it does seem to speed the process.

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Get an invisible bat to eat it.

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I though they attract to the carbon dioxide we breath out… but I will try it now!!! So excited! Thanks Dog!

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I just tried it for 20 minutes. It didn’t show. I will try it again tomorrow.

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Were you bit last night?

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I’ve heard they are attracted to CO2 as well, that’s probably why singing/humming works, ups the respiration and the amount of CO2. I have no idea if it would work, but you could try creating some kind of mosquito trap with a light ball and a leaking balloon as bait….

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Interesting about the CO2— it actually makes sense in combination with the light.

Laughing envisioning @ckinyc doing aerobics in the bathroom to lure in the enemy.

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Um, that comment above should say “light bulb” not “light ball”. What’s a light ball?

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Isn’t a light ball one of those disco thingies? Think of how the Mosquito would dance right into the trap. ;)

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No new damage! Might be it just had it and moved on!?

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I think so. Great news!

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