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Have you ever seen a UFO?

Asked by gooch (5744points) January 28th, 2008
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If so what did you see? If you have not do you belive in extra terristial life?

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Yes. It was a grey thing shaped like a piece of rice with bright lights at the front that shot quickly past my friends house up high and then disappeared into the clouds (or something!) We both did a double take and confirmed with each other what we had just seen, and there was no way it was a helicopter or a place because it covered an amazing distance in only a couple of seconds.
I do not immediately say I have seen an Alien Craft in the sense of green dudes with big eyes, but it sure was an Unidentified, Flying Object. Strangely, my description matches a lot of peoples descriptions of UFO’s, so maybe I just think I saw one and past knowledge filled in the gaps?!

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I was driving through northern Arizona by the 4 corners one late night and stopped to look at the stars. There was 1 light that seemed exceptionally brighter than the stars, so I kind of locked in on it. It was stationary. Then it just shot up vertically very quick and disappeared.

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I thought I had (also driving through AZ). It was a white sphere-ish shape too small, close and oblong to be the moon, just sitting there way up in the sky. I ended up driving “past” it after a while and then my questions were answered a little further up the road via a road sign that stated I was driving through the USAF’s dirigible testing area.

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My grade school Teacher was in Roswell when the UFO crashed. One day at school she showed 3 of us kids the actual photographs taken by the Army of the craft and what was on board, the dead ones. She stated that one had lived and was taken away for security reasons. She also said that the Government had lied and covered this story up. Nobody seems to know what happened to the living alian but She said UFO’s are here. So the questions is, Would I beleive my Teacher of the Government?

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Do you mean Elian? As in Elian Gonzalez?

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I’ve seen them every night,when I’m lying in my bed.

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@ Dine what do you mean?

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People, who was in the picture when it says in the Bible that they came? It’s right there in the first part of the Bible. God,sc, was an allian, a Humanoid similar to our ansestors. It even tells how the others with him came and had sex with the women on earth of that time. All the children born from this where disposed of other then Adam. Yet, there are forces here that WE cannot understand. But its right there in Genisus.

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@ qooch : In my dreams,I see UFOs.
UFO does not exist!They are
all IFOs.

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I’ve seen 2 UFO’s that I can remember.
First one when I was in High School, at night I saw what appeared to be a fire ball. It was moving slowly getting lower and lower then it disappeared.
Second one about 20 years ago, I was driving a Greyhound Bus on Hwy 85 in Arizona. It also was at night. It seemed like a black shadow moving very fast no lights. I only saw it for a few seconds and no one else was awake on the bus.
I now believe that it was one of the stealth fighter jets we all know about today. F117
Oh 2nd part yes I believe.

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I was an over the road trucker for 25 years, mainly driveing the western states. I have seen some strange things in Arizona and New Mexico, mostly at night and what I saw can only be called a UFO because there wasn’t anything else to call what I saw. And, other people out there on the road saw what I saw, so it wasn’t just me. I don’t know what to call what I saw but it wasn’t some ole gal on a flying broom stick. What sticks me as strange, shortly after Roswell, the US government started to design aircraft that was like soucers. Some of these came out in Popular Mechanics magazines, most didn’t work. Yet, how does anyone explain fireballs that fallow your vehicle over on the side of you, matching your speed, then suddenly speed up and cross right in front of you by about 50 feet? Not really fireballs but redish lights that left a short redish tail behind them, running about 20 feet off the ground. It was nothing that I have seen before and the speed was faster then anything I have ever seen, like a bullet. I beleive there is something out there and what I don’t know, but I saw the offecial photoes taken at Roswell so I have little doubt that WE are alone here on this earth. There is a fellow that is a Docter in Spaceology by the name of Zachoria Sitgen, May have the spelling wrong, that claims there is another, 12th planet, that is our real Mother EARTH. I’m not sure about that but there is alot of stuff pertaining to UFO’s here in this web world we have on computers. Very interesting stuff.

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When I was 12 years old I saw what looked like 3 craft close together in a delta formation flying high up in the sky near my home in the UK. These 3 objects looked like big meteors or something like that. The rear end of them had a faint orangey/reddish glow coming from them. You could say that they could have been fighter jets but there were no more lights on them at all, and the area around the glow was all jagged like the entrance to a small rocky cave. Thats’ the only way I can explain it. It was getting toward the end of twilight one evening.

As to whether there are extraterrestrial/alien craft here on Earth, i’m inclined to think not. The reason being, that the vast distance to the nearest star to our own star – The Sun – is too great for a group of interstellar travellers to make regular trips.

The next closest star to earth after the sun is Proxima Centauri, which is around 4.3 light years away. So using your imagination for a moment, imagine you were floating in space 4.3 light years away from the earth and facing the earth. You then shine an amazingly powerful torch back, towards the earth, so I can see it. From the moment you switched on the torch it would take 4.3 years for me to see the torch light, here on earth. And that light from your torch would be racing towards my eyes at 186,000 miles a second!

The distance from earth to the sun is around 98 million miles, the distance from earth to Proxima Centauri is 270,000 times further away, a mind boggling distance.

Looking at it another way: The Galileo space probe holds the record for the fastest speed ever achieved by an artificial/man-made body, It got to around 106,000 miles per hour. Even at that speed, it would take about 17,900 years to get to Proxima Centauri. And that is just the nearest star to us, of which there are estimated to be roughly 100 billion (100,000,000,000) in our own galaxy!!

I think? the next nearest planet to us (outside our solar system, but within our own galaxy) is 10.5 light years away 0____o

I have another theory though. On the cutting edge of physics, is string theory. String theory says that there are more dimensions in our universe than just the 3 dimensions us humans can perceive. I think there are something like 10 or 11 in total??

Now if there was an advanced civilisation out there, who had found some way of manipulating or travelling through some of these dimensions to arrive here then maybe??? I just wouldn’t know where to start thinking about such things.

I find it unlikely though not improbable…

I think personally, the ufo’s/alien spacecraft that have been reported over the years, may turn out to be man made vehicles. Not something that has originated from outside earths atmosphere. I mean like secret military experimental aircraft. It’s said that the US had brought 250 or so nazi scientists to America after the second world war. Psychologists, weapons specialists, genetics people, Verner Von Braun the rocket man who developed the V1 and V2 rocket motors, and then went on to work on the US space program.

Apparently the Germans had been trying to develop anti-gravity propulsion systems themselves during the war, as opposed to combustion/jet propulsion. Maybe they discovered something they later developed with in the US after the war. Imagine it: the ability to pilot a craft that can take off vertically hover silently, reach staggering altitudes and acheive speeds and aerobatic manouveres that are not possible with conventional aircraft. It would be revolutionary. There would be many reasons to keep such technology in the dark. I really don’t know.

Regarding the existence of life outside our planet in the universe at large, well, I can’t proove it, like much of what I’ve written here. But after seeing hubbles deep field pictures, and realising that there are billions of galaxies out there, each one containing billions of stars with possibly billions of solar systems with maybe millions of habitable earth-like planets in them.

Well I don’t believe for one moment that there isn’t life out there somewhere, whatever shape or form it may take :)

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Tell you what, I beleive it, I,ve seen it, and the rest better understand that there is more out there then just US

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Yep and I have seen ghosts. Honestly!

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no never only a thing that a bit looked like a UFO, but it wasnt one i think ^^ it was moving on the sky at night very fast, but i dont think that it was an UFO

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I read and heard some stuff from some people i’ve met and books about aliens and it really got me thinking. Have you noticed these many many years of man on earth we really haven’t gotten anywere with technology but suddenly the past 75–100y years technology has exploded. I heard that they are already here and they have helped us. Also you may have seen a sort of Crazy iPhone Lady on youtube. If you have not all of the things she says are baloney.

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If you have, not all of the things she says are baloney. ***

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It was on a road trip back in the seventies. My wife and I along with our two best friends were about an hour or so from home when a couple of us noticed a bright light just to the west of the highway, paralleling the highway and moving at about the same rate of speed. We pulled over into a rest area to get a better look and noticed several other carloads of people all looking and pointing up at the same object. It made a slow circular motion, then hovered still in the air, completely silent. After a few minutes the object took off straight up at a fantastic rate of speed and within seconds was completely out of sight.

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I have a closet full of UFOs. I wish someone would tell me how to kill them without stinking up the clothes.

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I see pink elephants all the time, when I have the DT’s.

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