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What is the best website to create a photo book?

Asked by Cupcake (15502points) October 6th, 2009
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Have you made photo books? What website did you use? Were you happy with the options available? The price? The end result?

I’ve looked at a couple different websites and felt limited by the layout options.

I have a couple/few hundred wedding pictures and am trying to decide if I would like them all printed or made into a photo book. I want it to be pretty simple – no frilly wedding layout – and the ability to put several pictures on a page.

What is your experience with photo books?

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I made a really nice photo book with Shutterfly. There are lots of layouts in terms of backgrounds as well as picture placement, and you can choose from a pretty huge variety of picture placement layouts for each page, including multiple pictures. The process was pretty easy and I was totally pleased with the outcome. I will use them again.

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I like the iphoto app for making a photobook and ordering it as well.

Alternatively: for the Dutchies.

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Costco has a really nice one, we’ve used it a few times and were very impressed with the quality…

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I agree with @gussnarp ; I don’t use the site directly, but my Dad is a photographer and uses it a lot. I have looked at a ton of his pictures on it and really enjoy all the different themes and looks he has done. Makes looking at 1500 pictures of trees a lot more enjoyable! – LB

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Like @gussnarp said, shutterfly is great. We used it to make my grandparents a photo book for their anniversary and it turned out great.

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My friend just emailed me about – has anyone ever tried that website?

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I’ve always thought that looked pretty nice.

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I like because I lay out my books in inDesign and it allows you to upload a .pdf instead of using their software like Blurb and mypublisher both make you do. I have friends who’ve used both, they were pleased with the product but I did not like the way they had to lay them out online, which is irksome to me. You can choose from a bunch of bindings and things at lulu, too. I like perfect bound soft cover books, personally. If you’re unsure about how to be formatting your .pdf you can even do a live online chat with a person, which is really useful… although I’ve always found their FAQ was definitely detailed enough for me to figure everything out, and I’m a self-taught inDesign user. I even managed to make a wrap cover and placed the spine correctly, which I was very proud of! :)

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only thing i can tink of would be photobucket or somethin like that. Not sure about that one

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I have used as well and was pretty happy with it, other than the price but I think its competitive so its not really knock against them.

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Ditto Shutterfly. Also Adorama

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I’m making a book using iPhoto and having it for an engagement present. Looks ace!

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Depends on your budget but I would use Graphi Studio . (I’m a wedding photographer) They specialise in wedding books and are a cut above the others mentioned on this page, although this is reflected in the price. You get hundreds of cover choices and paper types as well as printing methods. All of the above printers use ink based printing methods, with graphi studio you can have photographic paper, which I think is much nicer :)

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Thanks @syphotoguy. And your wedding photography website is amazing.

If I had unlimited funds, I would have loved to have our wedding and reception professionally photographed. We had two friends take photos at our reception. One borrowed my mother’s camera to take pictures and the other was discovered not long after our wedding to have been abusing heroin. That’s probably why his photos are mostly fuzzy. Somehow, though, they capture our quirky and informal style.

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You only pay only for the one original book that you create. My Fmaily History book of 212 pages came to about $53. 00 then shipping was added about $62.00 + depending on where it is shipped too)
They take care of book orders ( if you make it available to the General Public) and send you the Royalities, depending on your preferences, profit margins etc
I am very happy of the results, obtained through there software capabilities that show templates that one can use plus use of colour to boost the images etc

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