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Have you found that your sexuality is associated with creativity in other areas of your life?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) October 13th, 2009
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For me, when I get more obsessed with sex, and feel horny more of the time, I also feel more creative as a writer or musician. I find that my mind seems to come up with more ideas, or the ideas flow faster, or that I am more motivated to do creative work.

It seems to me that the procreative impulse can also be channeled into creativity in other areas. Somehow that energy makes me want to reach out—not just to touch, but to connect on a deeper level—to make more binding ties with other people.

What is your experience on the connection between sexuality and other forms of creativity? Do you feel more alive when sexually interested, and concomitantly less so when your interest level is down? Do you enjoy feelings of sexual interest, or do you find them annoying? Are you able to channel socially unacceptable sexual interests into motivation to do other work?

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I can’t really say that I’m more creative when I’m feeling more sexual, being an engineer, that could be weird. But I think this is a great question.

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When I get more “obsessed” with sex…
My desire to be more sexually creative tends to happen

And, she better say thank you. :-)

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Yes, some call it the testosterone effect. Here’s an interesting article from Time magazine online:

In a study by scientists from the University of Cambridge, male City traders (investment bankers in London) who had been exposed to high levels of testosterone in the womb were on average six times more profitable than those exposed to low levels of the hormone (...). The greater the exposure as a fetus, in other words, the higher the levels of confidence, vigilance or risk appetite triggered by testosterone in an adult (...). In a separate Cambridge study last April, traders with high morning testosterone levels recorded higher profits for the rest of that day than they did on days when their circulating testosterone level was low.,8599,1871066,00.html

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My sexual awareness i.e. being more sexually obsessive, does directly affect my creative drive. Mostly this refers to my writing, as I write more erotica, and when I am not horny, my erotica writing suffers. Most of my other writing is affected by my sleep patterns and not by my levels of laciviousness.

As for my musical pursuits, that comes and goes by the whims of my tone-deaf muse, and being sexually aroused has very little to do with that. my musical muse is a fickle bitch.

And to answer the last part of your question, yes, I can channel unacceptable sexual energy into other pursuits. Higher testerone levels usually means more energy, and when the goat herd is in the far pasture near the highway, I find something else constructive to do. okay, I don’t have goats, but it has been sort of a running sex joke on Fluther that I do. }:^)

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@PrancingUrchin you have given me some pretty interesting mental imagery due to your comment, and I wonder what sort of ‘engineering’ that you do. Thanks for the smile this morning.

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Absolutely not. When I’m horny all I can think of is sex. Even when I’m more creative in bed, my sex drive is not at its peak.
It almost seems like the only time that I’m creative or productive is right after I get my rocks off.

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Well I certainly get creative about sex…
also when I dance tango

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I feel like it makes sense that sexuality promotes creativity. I write better and more imaginative than I would without it’s inspiration. Sex is so tactile, so in the moment, and completely passionate for me. Why wouldn’t a passionate act inspire something you are passionate about? Anyway, we always hear about rockstars that sleep around or artists like Jackson Pollack or Mark Rothko who were these sex fiends, and look at their art.

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If that’s true, Im in trouble, lol. My wife hasnt desired sex since our last kid was born almost three years ago. We still have sex, its just becoming more and more infrequent. Then, the only thing she is creative at is decorating the house and moving the furniture around. I want sex all the time, and I am a very creative person, so on that level of a connection, this makes sense.

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@MrBr00ks this may be none of my business, but maybe it’s time you discussed this issue around sex with your wife

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oh, I have, it always ends up in a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge fight. She knows I want, need more, but doesn’t care. She thinks I’m making it a problem, and on a deeper level, I think she thinks my level of desire should change because she doesn’t want it anymore. Let’s stay on the creativity issue here, lol. sorry it’s my fault, i was giving my backstory so people could see why i thought this made sense.

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@MrBr00ks doesn’t sound at all like a healthy marriage, sorry to hear it

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GA @daloon – I find the two are connected, but that I still don’t know how to control it.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra, glad I could get a smile out of you. It may not be exciting but I’m just a mechanical engineer.

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@mattbrowne GA, good Timepiece.

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I’m the same way.
I think the link can be connected to a myriad of things, such as people who have suffered trauma experiencing an increase in their creativity. Same goes for the experience of falling in love, falling out of love, having fights, falling into depression, being thrust into a new situation, etc. I suppose some people would link it to a desire to get out of your system that sudden flood of feeling.
I feel, however, that it is actually a matter of passion. Things like sexuality (with a close partner or a complete stranger) are passionate acts.
Art is passion, correct?
Sexuality brings out instincts in people, as well as what makes them passionate. For example, the experience of ‘La Petit Mort,’ or ‘The Little Death’ (this is the act passing out during or a directly after sexual climax—a little part of you ‘dies’ and is ‘resurrected’); people calling out the name of their god or for their mother or father; the experience of being as close to another person, physically, as possible…these are all evidence of passion.
When you experience sexual desire (beyond pleasure), you are experiencing the want for closeness and passion. This is a parallel for art, as creativity is a way to touch other people and release that influx of crazy hormones, or what we feel as longing.

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@fenugreek Very well said! I think your point about passion is a good insight. I experience it that way, anyway. I feel drawn to passion—I love the feeling of being taken over and obsessing about something. It’s easiest with a person, except that is so inappropriate for me. But the passion draws me, and I want it so much that it is hard to stay away. At the same time, I think it raises my creativity, or maybe my drive in other artistic pursuits.

Since I obsess about sex, I write a lot of erotic material when the passion takes me. This creates a kind of feedback cycle that raises my level of desire. I write what I wish, and in imagining it, I get even more aroused, and I push it further and further. Then I get scared, and try to distract myself by focusing on other things. It all makes me feel somewhat out of control. Can you control passion?

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Yes, I am gay and enjoy the male form, so when it is depicted in my artwork I enjoy the whole process and beleive it shows in the results.

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lol refer to the answer I gave on your other question about passion, lol. Maybe I should just join your fluther since your questions keep popping up in my interests.

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no. not at all.

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(warning, this is about BDSM, so if you’re easily offended, why did you click this question?)
I’m a painter, and I used to teach art. I’ve found that when I have my wife tied up, and I’m whipping her or flogging her ass, I feel like I’m painting. I feel like I’m creating. When I’m done, I feel like writing or painting about what I just did. I let sex connect parts of my brain that connect when I paint, and in a way, transcend the basic thoughts that most people have during sex (i.e. getting your nut).

In short, yes. I channel my sexuality, but not in the way you described.

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Many more times than not creativity and sex are connected, religion as well, they are all activated within the same hemispheres of the brain so one will naturally effect the other. That’s why many musicians love porn stars and on average statistically have higher libidos than those who are not in some way artistically inclined, why many artists were also spiritual and why sex acts on each in strange ways…

Nothing however is more confusing and screwey than a really bad church choir.

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