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Can Fluther be fed into Growl?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) October 20th, 2009
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Us OSX users have been spoiled for some time by a wonderful little freeware application known as Growl.

Today I discovered an app called FMenu which essentially brings facebook activity into the mix via growl.

So of course, the next logical question becomes:

What about Fluther?

Can Fluther be fed into Growl in a similar fashion?


also, what do all you poor Windows users do without Growl?

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I am sure that it could. It would just take some clever programmer to do it. Maybe if we yell loud enough, the admins of fluther will hear us and grant our wish


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there, I flagged it. We should see some movement soon.

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FYI there’s an official Facebook desktop notifier for the Mac which I really like. As for getting Fluther notifications on the desktop, I think we’d love to do it but there’s a lot on our plate(s)…

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I have growl notifications for my IM client and flutherbot as a friend.

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I think that would be pretty awesome.

Please admins! I would lurve you forever!

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@justn Not that our moderators aren’t totally awesome but if any piece of technology is built for Fluther it comes from three engineers: Ben, Andrew and myself.

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@timtrueman anything us lay people can do to help? without knowing Python that is lol

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@patg7590 Mail us cookies to keep us going while coding :) Just kidding…

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@timtrueman including the iphone app? ;)

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