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Have you used a helmet cam for biking, skating, snowboarding, etc?

Asked by shaunabe (95points) October 20th, 2009
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Looking at some options for mounting a flip camera on a helmet and wondering if anyone has tried this before. Any recommendations or ideas on improvising versus buying a mount?

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Hahaha, this is a great idea. I’d buy one of those mini bendy tripods, wrap it around the helmet, use some duct tape for good measure and go to it. This way if you want a new angle, you can untape it, wrap it around whatever other part of the helmet you want, and then re-tape.

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@fireinthepriory the mini bendy tripod thingy is awesome. Might do velcro vs DT, but that should work.

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@shaunabe What a great idea, velcro would be awesome! If you could cover your helmet in it, and then the legs of the tripod too, you could adjust your camera in record time.

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I was pondering rigging up a helmet cam for my 20 mile bike commute to show record how many time people nearly hit me due to not paying attention.

if you know how to, or know a friend that does welding a sturdy mount could be made pretty easily.

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@wenn not sure about the weight – thinking of just adapting some existing mounts or using a combination of velcro and willpower…

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