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What is the best Linux distribution for a Windows user?

Asked by wrgb (19points) October 21st, 2009
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What’s the best Linux distribution for someone who’s been using Windows since it was invented?

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If you want something similar to Windows I would suggest Linux Mint. If you want something different I would go with Ubuntu.

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Definitely Ubuntu – I used it after being a long-time Windows user and it was an easy transition. For things that I didn’t quite get there is a large support base.

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Maybe Kubuntu, the menus are set up similarly to Windows.

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I use debian on my server. Its very user friendly.

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I’d go for Ubuntu as well.

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+1 for Ubuntu
also see gOS

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I’ve heard good things about Wubi (if you are interested in Ubuntu).

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Wubi screwed up my computer. Maybe it was something I did wrong but about 15 gigs of hard drive space is gone because of some partitioning thingy that it did. If you’re going to run Linux on a Windows machine then I’d suggest using USB Ubuntu and just boot from a flash drive.

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My first experience with Linux was with Wubi and I had no troubles with it.

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+1 for Ubuntu

It is simple, easy to use, and has excellent community support.

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@J0E & @Ivan All Linux distributions are different than Windows, and one shouldn’t start using one with the assumption that it will be similar to Windows. It’s going to be one hell of a learning curve and you need to be prepared for that.

That said, considering how most people are Windows users and most people that use a Linux distribution seem to consider Ubuntu to be the best fit, that would probably be your best choice.

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@Vincentt The first part of your response is simply not true, and it’s the reason why people still think Linux is “too complicated”. I just installed Linux Mint on my younger sisters computer, she is 15 and knows very little about computers. She was able to pick it up like it was nothing. If you actually take a look at Mint or Ubuntu you will see how right I am.

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Heh, no need to patronize us. We are both well aware of the differences and similarities between Windows and Linux. My parents use our laptop for simple web browsing, and they haven’t even noticed that it doesn’t run Windows.

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I’m not sure if the above comments are referencing aesthetics and basic use, but there was a decent learning curve to learn about certain installs and configurations using Ubuntu. It wasn’t overly daunting, however, since the support community is good.
Also, I had compatibility issues that were tricky – not only programs but several external devices.
Fwiw, this is coming from a longtime Windows user turned Ubuntu user (though at the moment I’m using Windows 7..).

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@J0E You’re saying it’s not true that Ubuntu and Mint are different than Windows…? I’m not saying you can’t learn it, or that 15 year old people that know next to nothing about computers can’t use it, I’m just saying that you shouldn’t try it assuming you won’t have to learn it because it’s the same as Windows. I use Xubuntu by the way, currently typing this on a 9.10 beta LiveCD.

@Ivan Heh sorry, my comment was more directed at @wrgb in response to your answers, as I wanted to make sure he(?) was aware of the differences :)

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There’s the same amount of learning that you would do starting out with Windows or Mac OS.

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@J0E Yes, indeed. If it was similar to Windows there wouldn’t be because you’d have already went through that when you learned Windows.

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