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Are there any paying jobs where you work on-line? If so is there a place where are they listed?

Asked by Basketcase (198points) October 21st, 2009
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I am a parent with three small children who has just found herself in desperate need of employment. I cannot afford child care after school but can put more than full time from home.

Because I do a lot of volunteer web work and am very tech savvy I got to thinking “What if there are places one might be able to work on-line for people who are excellent in Photoshop, wordpress, forum building and forum moderation?”

Is a directory of internet jobs anywhere that someone could point to?

Do such jobs exist?

Perhaps I am just dreaming.

Thanks in advance for any input. It is most appreciated!

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Here are the top 10 websites for freelance web designers to search for work. And then, of course, there’s telling everyone you know that you have these skills on offer and would be happy to talk to anyone who might have need of them.

I don’t know of websites that pay people to build or moderate forums, but I wish you luck.

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You need to know design. Freelance is your best bet, but getting the clients will likely get you out of the house.

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elance seems to have a good reputation. i personally find it all a bit slow, but many people rate it.

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I used to do work at a place called

You go there and post your skills and then people can ask you to do things for them. People also post jobs they need done and you can bid on them. You are pretty much guaranteed to get work if you can underbid someone, or prove that you are the best option.

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I have worked at both and . Both are excellent, but I prefer Elance. RAC is free until you get paid, then they take a percentage. Elance charges a monthlly fee (it’s only $9.95 for the Writing and Translation category that I work in) for each category that you belong to. Web design and development is one of the categories. Besides web design, I see a lot of projects for building forums and posting to blogs. I seem to find more jobs on Elance than I did with RAC. At both sites, you bid on the jobs—if you can show examples of work you’ve done you’re sure to be able to find work. If not, it’s slow in the beginning until someone decides to give you a try. Both sites are based on a rating system, and as long as you maintain a good rating you can get all the work you want. Hope this helps.

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You could try to be a ChaCha Guide. People text questions to them, and then you would google it and type up an answer for them. Or, you could go with a KGB Agent, which does the exact same thing, but for a different company.

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