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Need suggestions for scary movies, folks. What is THE scariest horror movie you've ever seen?

Asked by Jude (32162points) October 24th, 2009
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Suggest a few, if you want. Say, your top two.

I need this for a party

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Silence of the Lambs – a classic psycological thriller.

The Talented Mr. Ripley – another psych thriller.

The Brave Little Toaster – this movie is terrifying. That part in the junk shop when he’s mutilaing the appliances? Yikes!

The Antichrist – this isn’t out yet, but the main character castrated herself. ‘Nuff said.

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You will probably think I am joking, but I’m not. “Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein.”

And it scared a lot of people when it came out. It became famous for that reason.

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Oops, that was four.

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…. SAW I, II, ........... or III, IV

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I like horror movies that were based on true stories. Moth man prophesies was scary and the first exercist. Those are the REAL scary ones but all the rest are pretty much the same.

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My favorite scary movie is Session 9. It’s one of the few films that truly freaks me out to watch alone-day or night. It’s not a good ‘party movie’ nor does it have gore or the like.

Then again, I don’t really like most horror flicks sooo… you might want to disregard my comment.

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there is no such thing as a scary horror movie :P

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Descent and 28 Days Later

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Wait Until Dark

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@uberbatman ha. Scariest movie, then.

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I highly suggest you see paranormal activity. I haven’t, rather won’t see it, but I’ve heard it’s absolutely terrifying.

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I agree with Silence of the Lambs. That movie is scary as hell because it is super suspenseful, especially towards the end, and Hannibal is just fucking creepy. The scene in the building where they have him in that cell and the cops and the elevator…oooooooooooooooooooooh man!

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I really like The Amityville Horror from 1979. Scared the crap outta me. Demonic pigs, rooms painted with blood, and yet it remains subtle and none of that flashy gory horror.

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I still find the first Alien movie scary.

I’ll second The Talented Mr. Ripley also.

not a big fan of “slasher” films

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Perhaps you could just play the Thriller video on loop. It used to scare my brother to the point of tears. But in all seriousness, do it. lol.

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I’m going to type “Requiem for a Dream”, and then I’m going to Google it to find out if anyone else thought of it as a horror movie.

Pleased to find one of the first Google matches for ”‘requiem for a dream’ horror” to be “Top 10 Horror Films That Aren’t Horror Films”.

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Ah, found a site where you can watch Paranormal Activity. I’m watching it right now. Very creepy, thus far.

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Top 3: Halloween, Halloween 2, Halloween 3.

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I’m going to agree with Mothman Prophecies (The Strangers was also based on a true story and the living room/kitchen scene freaked me out) and Session 9. I also got spooked during High Tension – especially at the end.

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@frdelrosario – I think Requiem for a Dream was really…. well I wouldn’t say it’s exactly a horror movie but it was very… rough. It makes you think and does freak me out though so I would said it’s close but I would definately not watch it with other people.

I find the scariest movies are the ones that could totally be true. I was scared during movies like halloween and what not but movies like When A Stranger Calls or The Strangers scare me the most because they could potentially happen (and do in the case of The Strangers). People go crazy like that and stalk/kill people for no reason, nott cool. I feel the same way about alien movies (I suppose they’re sci-fi and not horror but no one can prove that they don’t exist so I find it just as scary)

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The original Black Christmas

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Oliver Stone’s W.

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The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is probably the freakiest movie I’ve seen. And mean freaky as in I’ll probably never watch it through again. I love the Amityville Horror remake but that’s more psychological.

Contrary to both film’s marketing the events didn’t happen. Massacre was inspired by Ed Gein who did like to wear human skin and killed a couple people but Psycho has much more in common with his story than Massacre. Amityville is based on an ambitious fraud. It’s makes a better story than con job though.

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I also liked “Poltergeist”.
imo, It was a lot better than Amittyville

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@PretentiousArtist The poltergeist movies are some of my all-time favorites.

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What about Candy Man? That scared the living heck out of my mother. I can’t remember the plot myself so I’m not sure if it is scary or not.

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“IT” and Silent Hill

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No one said the Exorcist?

Others told me The Grudge was disturbing but I never saw it myself.

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Exorcist was all right
I thought it was too long

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I heard the next Exorcism is pretty good too, Emily Rose, but I never saw that either. I watched horror as a child, teen, young adult but not anything more recent.

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The Shining. Not toooo much blood and guts, but still so scary. Downside – the wife is so annoying.

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Man, you gotta play Dawn of the Dead, too. Classic!!!!

plus i’m partial to it since it was filmed where i live :p

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The original one! The remake was a steamy pile of horse feces mixed with Avenged Sevenfold CDs and Disney movies.

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An old tape on VHS of my ex and I getting married..makes my blood curdle and my wallet suffer severe shrinkage. Besides that The Legend of Hill House..the original 1963 classic, black and white, with Claire Bloom.

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I came in to say The Mothman Prophecies but am 100% with @RedPowerLady about Candy Man as well.

They both scared me, but in different ways. MP seriously freaked me out because it was based on real events. I was convinced it was going to happen in my city at any time. CM just flat out scared the living hell out of me to the point that I was almost in tears.

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The original version of The Haunting is the best horror film ever.

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The Shining scares the crap out of me still. It’s the scariest movie ever made. The Exorcist is pretty scary too, but that creepy friggin’ kid REDRUMing scares me more than the devil.

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Event Horizon scarred me as a teenager.

I wouldn’t put Ripley as a horror—more of a suspense.

Of course, I would suggest The Birds.

The most important thing, if you’re doing the screenings, is size of the screen and darkness in the room.

Is Mothman with Debra Messing? That is pretty scary.

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Audition. Loop the ending and watch the guest vomit.

Or the Hannah Montana movie

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@RedPowerLady yeah I loved CandyMan

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Audition. There’s a 50/50 chance that you will puke while watching it.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities I just read the wikipedia on that. Wow. I kinda wanna see it but….............maybe not?

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I was checking out Bravo’s Top 100 Scariest and it’s not very consistent at all. I mean I love Freaks, but its more of a human interest piece than a horror. It certainly isn’t scary. And #100, 28 Days Later, is a lot scarier than a good chunk of the movies on the list. I mean really, the Wizard of Oz?

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Jaws wasn’t scary
At all
Black Christmas should obviously be at the top ten

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@fundevogel Different people find different things scary. Who knew?~

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Scariest Movies for me:
*Rosemary’s Baby
*Blair Witch (Yes, dumb & cheaply made…but scary if you’ve never seen it before)

*The Birds
*The Godsend
*The Sixth Sense

Scary as hell for real-ish life:
*Fatal Attraction

@fundevogel Ask a handful of adult women and I’d bet more than ½ say they are still afraid of the witch & the monkeys I know, my son loves the WoZ and many women are shocked he isn’t afraid

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Blair Witch
The Birds
Night of the Living Dead

But the film that scares me too much to watch is Mamma Mia.

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@MacBean it must be true because, @SpatzieLover, Rosemary’s Baby just made me want to shake Mia Farrow…until then end at least, which was kinda priceless.

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How did I forget to include Alien and Aliens?

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The Exorcist :X

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The Omen always manages to scare the crap outta me.

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@mclaugh- Not literally, I hope.

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My personal favorite is ‘Event Horizon’, but I’d also have to mention ‘In The Mouth of Madness’. Coincidentally, both movies star Sam Neill of Jurassic Park fame.

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