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Can someone suggest a good book/website to learn fractal programming?

Asked by anabayan (27points) October 26th, 2009
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I am looking for a book/website to learn fractal programming. I’d like to learn the basics (theory) and also how to create fractals, programmatically. I am a programmer, so I’m not shy of hard computer algorithms, but not sure I’d understand deep math. All the books I browsed at amazon emphasize more on the Math and theory, than algorithms.

Any suggestions?

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Here is a site and this one is even more in depth.

May I ask your age/grade level? I could help you further. Many home school sites provide site links and curriculum.

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I am a professional programmer. Would love to experiment with fractals (learning processing from Just that I’d like to start with something that is more algorithmic in nature, than mathematical and theoritical.

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@anabayan Sorry I’m tired. I missed the FACT that you are a programmer ;)

Have you seen this site with software links

It does seem like most of the links I’ve found are for programming fractals for gaming

Possibly this algorithm blog would be of assistance

Sorry in advance if this doesn’t lead you to the path you’re looking for

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no prob, thank you SpatzieLover

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@anabayan Did you see this Pyramid Algorithms book at Amazon?

My husband, the computer geek, went to bed early due to headache…he’d probably be a better assistant ;)

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wow, that is 115$ :-(

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@anabayan I doubt it would be from a second hand source. Would that one be closer to what you’re looking for?

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I am not sure it is. I am looking for a book that

a) teaches me the basics (theory) behind fractals
b) teaches me the algorithms to generate them
c) doesn’t get too deep into math
d) preferably gives example programs

Thank you so much for your help so far :-) much apreciated

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and preferably less than 50$ :-)

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@anabayan I understand the $$$ concern. I never use the prices on Amazon or Barnes in my searches…There are plenty of places to find either textbooks or workbooks online for cheap. (eBay is just one of them as a go to once you find what you’re looking for)

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I agree. If I get one, I’ll come back here and post

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