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What is something that turns you off about the opposite sex?

Asked by cyn (6913points) October 29th, 2009
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accessories, personality, anything is welcome.

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nail biting

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Muffin tops. I’m sorry, but you need to find a pair of pants that actually fit you.

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When they poop.
and the wearing of high heels.

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@Sarcasm hmm, those two things together? or seperate…

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Extremely short hair… gross!

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lack of sensitivity at times

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Poor oral hygiene. Long toe nails.
Inability to actually want to know about the person you are with. That all about themselves person.

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Almost everything.

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That ‘Oh Man I’m So Much Cooler Than Anyone Else Here’ vibe. Makes me want to run screaming.

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@erichw1504 I find ditzy-ness quite endearing on some women. (:

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@acidlogik I feel sorry for you.

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long nose hair. SICK.

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Clingy or needy behavior. I can’t stand that crap.

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@patg7590 Would that be on women or men?

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@erichw1504 It can be too much but you can mix intelligence with ditzzy-ness and come up with something sweet.

Also I don’t like feet.
But as pretty much everyone has feet I kinda have to live with it.

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@erichw1504 on women

Another turn off Unbearable Stupidity

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Unorganized and/or messy… I have a bit of OCD about cleanliness.

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Men: Long gnarly toenails, earwax, groin scratching

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@Iclamae Groin scratching is in our blood. Although doing around women is a no-no.

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@erichw1504 Agreed. Everyone does stuff alone, sure. But in public or around girls makes me sad.

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Anyone timid. Lack of self confidence is a total turn off to me. I don’t want to be the one with the spine in the relationship :P I always say.. No car, no job? No thanks.

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the “im right because Im a woman” and “im superior because Im a woman” vibes. Both together make me want to punch something. and a woman wearing revealing clothing to work. so unprofessional.

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Bad teeth.

I wish I could marry myself. We’d get along.
ignore the above statement…

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When he expects me to be all damsel-y. Sorry dude, I actually know how to take care of myself.

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Big hoop earrings + tracksuits (when you’re not doing something sporty).

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Very muscular men with almost zero body fat.

Very skinny men.

Men who are very judgemental.

Careless spending and debt.

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@acidlogik – you know what they say about hoops, right?

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When they act all damsel-y. All the time.

A certain level of helplessness if totally fine, but when you are incapable of handling menial tasks like meeting me somewhere, then we have an issue. Learn how the subway operates, goddammit. Why the hell do I need to plan your route for you every damn time we g—

Yeah. A girl can be self-sufficient and be my damsel. Just don’t act like every little thing puts you in… * ahem *, if you’d allow me to continue this metaphor further, distress.

* high fives @KatawaGrey *

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@troubleinharlem I don’t believe I do. Please, enlighten me…

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Right back atcha @Grisaille. ;)

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@acidlogik – the bigger the hoop, the bigger the hoe.

apparently. don’t quote me.

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@troubleinharlem Hah yeah, I think I might have hard that before actually. (:

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Lax hygeine

Not excusing themselves when they burp

An attitude that because they may think I’m pretty then everyone else has also thought so and thus spoiled me rotten so they want to knock me down a few pegs this hurts my feelings because I’m a nice and fair woman damnmit so be nice to me!

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An ego: When you won’t take help when you need it because it makes you feel like “less of a man,” something’s wrong.

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When you go on a date and they are constantly on their phone.

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Being uptight about clothing, specifically clothing that flatters the female form (“You think I’d look good in that top??!? That would actually show a hint of cleavage, I’m not a slut!” or “What do you mean you’d like to buy me something from Victoria’s Secret, do you want me to be your little whore?!?!). Bullshit like that.

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Relevant verb deficiency.

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makeup applied with a spatula.

@KatawaGrey drops dead artic hare in your lap; cook that, willya? ~

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@Psychedelic_Zebra: You’re a man, eat it raw!~

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@erichw1504 some females can pull off the extremely short hair look. I like that in a woman. Long hair can be such a pain sometimes.

@broncosgirl would you like to come over and help me braid my nose hair today?

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@Psychedelic_Zebra How is long hair a pain to you? :P

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@Psychedelic_Zebra ehh I’m not much for the short hair. Long hair is one of the most attractive things in a girl imo

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Racial discrimination, more makeup than just a little eyeliner or lip gloss or something, and worldly ignorance

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@pinkparaluies my wife used to have long hair, it made sleeping together, and even sex, rather annoying.

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@Psychedelic_Zebra I thought long hair was used for leverage…

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Nothing in particular to gender, people in general are slightly disgusting but to make it about stereotypes of a specific sex is silly. I guess if I was to think of something it would be the whole ‘I have to behave like this cos I am a man’ thing (but the same goes for women) some guys need to get a grip and realise they don’t have to punch a bear and make a fire to be a ‘real man’ just as not all women need to wear heels and gossip. Rant over.

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