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What do you like about being drunk?

Asked by ninjacolin (14246points) October 29th, 2009
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Or what do you like about “the buzz” from (not tooo much) alcohol.
Just curious! :)

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The shenanigans I get into whilst being drunk. I usually like them a lot less the next morning.

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I know that I don’t like not remembering things, and lately I get my cry on… I’m not so sure why I still drink!! I guess it’s fun to be silly sometimes.

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Nothing. I like the buzz. I hate being drunk.

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I don’t like being drunk, and I don’t like being around people who are drunk. Their wit is far less compelling than they imagine.

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I’m more social.

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liquid courage

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The fact that you wake up next morning not knowing what you did. Life’s a mystery with pineapples.

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Nothing. I like the taste of some mixed drinks, but I typically drink “virgin” versions of them. I do like wine with a meal and a cold beer on a hot day is nice, but getting drunk is rather like coming down with the flu. At first you feel pretty good but different, but you always end by throwing up.

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Being more social, and finding things funnier.

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Evarrrrrything. I’m drunk right now :p

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I like the goofiness of it, things are funnier, I feel like doing stuff I wouldn’t feel like doing if I weren’t drunk, it’s just fun. And no, I don’t throw up. Haven’t done that in a long-ass time…

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I become more flirty, my drunk strut is awesome, and I apparently become more intellectual. So, if you would ever see me drunk, I would bat my eyes while shaking my hips, and be happy to discuss Socrates.

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I hate being drunk. I hate the spinning, confusion, muscle cramps from dehydration, slurring and blacking out. I hate waking up and realizing I’ve spent too much money or possibly looked like an ass. I hate feeling the shame the next day from accidentally hurting someone’s feelings or in general being out of control.

Buzzed is ok… but for me, it always leads to getting drunk. Nothing fun there for me anymore. I’ve been there, got a t-shirt and a coaster.

Now I prefer to have a beer or two then call it a night. Just what works for me anymore. Not saying I never have too many anymore- but I don’t look forward to it or enjoy it the same as I did when I was younger.

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Not a whole lot, which I guess explains why I don’t drink. I don’t mind if others around me are drunk. I just quietly ridicule them. >:]

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I do not get drunk. I was raised by one & see them all the time. It makes me not want to drink. Ever!

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@ninjacolin : what do you like about being drunk?

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A better question for me is “What don’t you like about being drunk?” I quit drinking a couple of years back….it just isn’t fun anymore.

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I like feeling relaxed after a couple of glasses of wine. I do not like being drunk or even close. It’s a very unpleasant sensation.

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The drunk part.

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THe courage I get when I’m only a bit drunk.

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Not having to work.

Facade's avatar

Being “drunk” doesn’t appeal to me at all. Being “tipsy” is nice though.

FutureMemory's avatar

Can’t tell ya, I’ve never had the experience.

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@Samantha_Rae hmm.. good question, i never thought about it that way..

i guess i like the lack of inhibition. i feel more susceptible to positive social energy, whether it’s to laugh or play along.. and there’s less analyzing of things somehow..

reading @Capt_Bloth‘s comment made me wonder: If it pleases one to be more social, then why not just practice being more social all the time, even without alcohol? But somehow i suspect that even if a shy person (for example) learns this, s/he will still want to experience the sensation of drunkness as that newly social person.

drunkness is probably just a way to take a trip away from the normal you to experience something “else.” every substance is likely the same.. different kinds of cheap/short term trips you can take. some which may unfortunately ruin the experience of being the “normal” version of yourself..

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I’m with the buzzed/not drunk crowd. It makes me feel expansive and warm. I enjoy how it feels when I’m talking with friends. The words seem to come from a different place in my head, and they seem to skip gently past my lips like some kind of butterfly. My mind seems to stumble in a delightful way, not nearly as uptight and controlled as when I’m straight.

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After one of my sweetie’s (very strong) homebrews, I am quite tipsy. One fun part is that things are funnier. Also, I can talk much faster and still make sense (I have some problem with that when sober, meaning that I tend to combine words because I’m thinking faster than I’m talking, and being tipsy helps with that). The physical sensation is somewhat fun, but only when I’m in a safe environment, like at home. I don’t think I’d want to feel that way in public, such as at a bar. Also, my husband likes it because it makes me ├╝ber-horny. ;) That’s what’s fun about alcohol – it can lower the inhibitions, which, again, in a safe environment, is kinda cool.

On the other hand, being reeling, pukin’ drunk is no fun whatsoever. I’ve been this way once and I don’t care to repeat it. Sitting on the toilet and puking in the bathtub, trying to lean on the cool, cool porcelain is plain stupid. I think lots of people skip the “fun and tipsy” stage and go straight into the vomit stage far too often, especially if they drink a lot. It can also make people mean, instead of fun. Depends on tolerance and chemistry.

Like the rest of life, it’s about moderation and knowing when to stop.

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I’m a little more relaxed. And, a little less inhibited.

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Being drunk! What’s not to like?

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I don’t like being completely drunk, I guess just buzzed, because I like to maintain a little bit of control. But when I am buzzed, I feel brave, I say the things and do the things that I normally wouldn’t. And it feels good. Till the next morning. Ha!

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Nothing. I never drink alcohol. It always made me sick long before I got a buzz on.

aprilsimnel's avatar

When I feel buzzy, I stop. That’s about as much as I like to have of alcohol.

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I love the fact that it makes me hot. I’m usually very cold and always wearing a sweater so drinking alcohol makes me enjoy the weather and makes my outfits cuter :)

punkrockworld's avatar

I like the fact that when I’m drunk I have the balls to actually do many things I usually don’t have the balls for.
I’m a girl :)

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I don’t get drunk to forget about my day, or make me feel better, or because I’m sad or angry and I don’t get drunk at bars. I’m a social drinker and when I do get drunk it’s at house parties with close friends.
My friends and I say a ton of silly things when we’re drunk which usually turn into inside jokes. (Like “cinnamon twists” or “Oh….Jager” or “West America.”) We play beer pong and relax and laugh, all of these turn into memories of times we spent together.
Not to say that we’re always drinking when we hang out, there are PLENTY of times when we just sit around and do nothing but talk. When we do drink, we always have fun though.
I’m not the kind of girl who drinks to flirt. I’m flirty enough without alcohol, but booze does tend to make me more affectionate with people I already like/love. I often hug and kiss my friends/boyfriend more while tipsy.

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@Allie I know all about being more affectionate while drunk, ugh. I tried to kiss one of my friends at his hometown bar, not a big deal except he was still in the closet, and living in the most homophobic town I have ever been to.

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Maybe I’ll get a buzz if I’m in the mood. Otherwise, I really don’t want to stumble and make an idiot out of myself and feel like shit until tomorrow morning.

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@laureth You make booze sound real good. :)

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Ah, the hitchikers guide mentions this:
“It’s a very unpleasant experience, like being drunk.”
“What’s so unpleasant about being drunk?”
“Ask a glass of water!”

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I have never been drunk, I have been buzzed. But I like the fact that I can really make people laugh, and I do it without feeling embarrassed.

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The freedom and temporary peace of it all. Drunkenness gives me relief. Relief is a good thing at the moment. I’ll drink a beer to this question.

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I drink to make other people more interesting.

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Everything is awesome when you’re drunk. It seems I can easily tap into my emotional self, however I do know this to be a complete fallacy.

Still feels awesome though.

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Being able to completely pop my neck because the muscles are relaxed.

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Hey I’m shit face right now and can hardly type, I was searching what will make you more drunk wine or beer. I have to say the wine is doing a good job. I love to drink, its great. I love the fact so many people have commented on this. My advice is “eat a good dinner and get heavily wasted there will be no throwing up Trust Me”. O ya watch (Its always sunny in Philadelphia) its the funniest show on tv. whaTS uP ladies!!

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Hahaha, wtf?

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I wish I could remember but I lost too many brain cells. )-:

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