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Maybe I'll be the first this time to start a lurve party, but this time, its gonna be 20k for someone named...

Asked by Fred931 (9434points) November 3rd, 2009
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Daloon!!! Congrats on the 20k achievement!

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Congratulations you Colossal Squid, 20k Lurve for the man who writes 20k words per posts (all words of wisdom though) :D You’re definitely one of those people Fluther would not be the same without. Lower the drawbridge, @Daloon is moving into the castle.

@Fred931 Should have edited you’re previous post, lol

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@markyy, what did you just do man? you found one of the atlantis rewards!

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Oops I did it again :P And again, and again! Want more?

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Huge congrats! And to get it on the discovery of the Colossal Squid award too…impressive!

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Da Loon, Da Loon, Da One-and-Only Looooooonnnnnn!

Congratulations to a man so honest that Abe himself would be jealous – a man who always wears his heart on his sleeve (he must have really long arms) – a man whose nom de Fluther implies insanity, when, in reality, he is often the more sane among us – a man who, if you ask, will explain how little he thinks of himself, which is amazing considering how much we think of you!

Here’s to one of the more uniquely lovable, thoughtful and verbose jellies in the lagoon – Daloon!

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Hey daloon! Congratulations :)
Your answers are always so genuine, you deserve all the lurve you get.
Hope this brings a smile to your face and you have a great day.

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WHOA!!! I am stunned with awe and simply not worthy.

But a bit jealous

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Daloon, I’ve been a big fan of yours ever since I found… that other site. My lurve hasn’t counted for you in ages, but I keep giving it anyway. You’re the pepper of awesomeness and the salt of sense. Congrats on the milestone.

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Congratulations, Daloon!

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No, really, YAY!

Congratulations, @daloon. You are so brave and honest.

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Daloon, I’m awed by your honesty and willingness to expose your issues as well as your helpfulness to others. You have an amazing ability to type too!

I don’t always read all that you write but I will defend to the death your right to write it!

Congratualtions, daloon – couldn’t have happened to a nicer Jelly!

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congrats and salutations to Daloon, you have intriguing views and opinions. But best of all are your thought provoking questions. You have been the catalyst for a lot of introspection and that is a good thing!

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Wow, congrats!! Daloon puts so much thought into his answers, he must only be able to answer a few questions a day. Well done, but please don’t let it stop here!

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Very pleased that such a thoughtful and self-revelatory man has entered the Pantheon. Long may you wave, Daloon.

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No one could say it better than @cprevite! Congratulations, Daloon!

I think you should celebrate by really getting a map of the world tattooed on your butt!

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Yay for daloon!

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20K?? All I can say is damn, sir. Damn. You must be doing something (or many things simultaneously) very right. :)

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Woot woot! Congrats friend!

Judi (39914points)“Great Answer” (20points)
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Congrats @daloon! That’s a mighty nice ass you have!

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Woo hoo!!! Congratulations, Daloon!

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Time to add to the butt tattoo…..

syz (35788points)“Great Answer” (24points)
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congrats Daloon!!

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Congratulations to a man who is welcome to slog around in my gray matter any time! Just keep wearing the comfortable slippers. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving jelly!!

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Woah! Another Jelly!!

Daloon, good sir, when I’m having a rough go, and need a little help sorting out this muddled mind of mine, you always seem to pull through with some helpful advice/ info. A bit ol’ thank-you for that! Something tells me that 30K, for you, will be another walk in the park.


Jude (32185points)“Great Answer” (24points)
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Dalloon you so totally ROCK!
Way to go you amazingly creative comrade!

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (20points)
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Congratulations Daloon!!

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Your prolific resounding theses have stimulated the creation of the Supreme Fluther Court and for that you are awarded the tithe of FD 20k !

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Hazzah for Dalloon! I’ve not met you, but it is said the sweat from your brow is a cure for cancer. You have been elevated to the largest of the invertebrates on this board, For that I salute you

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All right! Dog pile on Daloon!


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you certianly deserve it gorgeous xx well done xxx

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Congratulations!! I’m only joining that dog pile if @Dalloon puts some pants on.

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Well done @Daloon! We are so proud of you!

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Yay @Daloon! Reading your posts is the highlight of my day. Congrats… and keep writing!

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Jumping Jesus! Hurray and welcome. Happy happy, joy joy. Now that we finally outnumber the women here we can take down these damn floral patterned curtains and kitty pictures and put up some posters of hot chicks! Congratulations!

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And he’s one of the few people about whom you can say, “What an ass?!” and it’s neither derogatory nor sexist.

he’s got the whole world, on his butt
he’s got the whole world, on his butt
he’s got the whole world, on his butt

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CONGO RATS!!!!!!!!!! Wa to go @Daloon !!!!!!!!

Dr_C (14334points)“Great Answer” (20points)
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Damn you, @cprevite, you have given me a persistent earworm.

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Congratulations, Daloon! Nice work!

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@pdworkin: Just don’t sing it aloud at the grocery store.

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20K lurve later and still setting our minds ablaze with wonderment, introspection, laughter, you name it… daloon you are one of the lurviest jellies on fluther, and I am so glad to call you a friend. Thanks for all of your contributions…. and Happy 20K Day!

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Well, I was on the wrong thread, it seems.

Tons of congrats going your way, my friend. Enjoy the spot light. :-)

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Congrats to da Loon!

J0E (13172points)“Great Answer” (19points)
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YAYAY! Congrats! What type of cupcakes do you want me to make and eat for you?!?

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Mmmm, cup-cakes!

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Oh this wonderful! I can’t think of a jelly among us who could fill up the 20k castle better than Daloon!

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daloon, you are a wonderful jelly. Always thoughtful and sincere in your answers; provoking and complex in your questions. You are the only jelly that can make me take a butt avatar completely seriously. Thank you for being a part of Fluther. I will try to be awake next time to start the 40k lurve party

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While I gave you a private congrats, might as well join the lurve whore party and do it in public. doing it in public with @daloon’s ass might get me arrested! oh well, it’s worth it.

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Well well. I knew you’d get to 20K quickly, but you have done it in the least amount of time, I think. You really are a great asset to the collective, even if you do nut-out once in a awhile. Congrats! Now get your ass out of my face. :)

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@tinyfaery: Grooooooooan

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Congratulations! You were my first comment giver, and welcomed me to the crazy club. :)

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Congrats! You are very lurved!!!

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Congratulations, Daloon! Very well deserved! Thanks for all your great questions and answers.

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Daloon, we love you to the moon. And back.

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Yes, we do!

Jude (32185points)“Great Answer” (12points)
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@efritz Yes…HIS moon. LOL

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20K is a real mile stone, enjoy it and just remember that you might have realy helped someone out along the way. Congrats!

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@lukiarobecheck I think Daloon has really helped everyone here at one point or another.

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Indeed, he has. :-)

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I’m on my way there :)

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You are the person on this site who has drawn me to stay. After reading some of your questions and answers the first day I visited, I realized this wasn;t yahoo answers.

Congrats on the milestone, But you have a lot more to show for it than just a number in parentheses.

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CONGO RATS! Your thoughtful, hypothetical conundrums are one of the main reasons we kept the ‘discussion’ category. We’re very happy you’re here.

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Congrats daloon you’re the user that always makes me laugh and at the same time you give very relevant and helpful answers.Be happy with your 20K LURVE.I hope that I will be there someday when you’ll be at ! million lurve I guess.

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Congratulations to everyone’s favorite dirty butt crack!

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Congrats, Daloon. You’re the prettiest butt on Fluther. ;)

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20k. Wow. Daloon, thanks for being a Jellie. Your questions/answers were one of the things that kept me coming back here when I just started. You’re also one of the first people I added to my personal fluther.

Congratulations on this milestone!

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Usually I just say congrats real quick.

This time though I’ve actually got something to say. Though I don’t post much here that’s simply a matter of I’m more of a listener(reader here I guess). And thanks to that i take joy in reading Daloon’s complete, thoughtful answers that always remember that people have emotions that are not easily controlled and it’s not as simple as “just get over it” or “just stop it”. And the days on which I can read his heartfelt answers feel richer for it.

Now excuse me while I un-pucker my lips.

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Congratulations daloon.

I’ve never actually thought about your name before. @cprevite‘s posts got me thinking. I always take it for granted, but it’s a cool name.

DALOON. Daloon daloon daloon.

Very interesting indeed.

Have a happy 20K Day, daloon.

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Observing members: 4

We’re all waiting for daloon’s answer :)

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Aw, Jeez, people! You’ve gone and made me all choked up. I had no idea.

I had a presentation to give this morning, so it wasn’t until after 11 that I saw I had crossed the barrier overnight. Then I looked for the question (thanks, @Fred931), and I think the answers were around 58. I didn’t know if I could handle it, so I answered all the questions I was interested in, and caught up on all of my activity, and only then did I put my cursor over this question.

‘Should I press it? Should I wait?’

I pressed it before I could think any more, because I probably would have chickened out, if I hadn’t. I am truly overwhelmed and I thank each and every one of you.

Why did I press it? I have two rules. First, I have a rule that I should be honest and complete about everything in my life that I talk about. It is often not very easy to do that, although it’s gotten easier with practice. Of course, that “completeness” clause makes some of my comments a little daunting, I guess.

Second, for the most part, I won’t let myself edit anything. It comes out as it comes out, and if I fuck it up, so be it. This rule is not a hard and fast one like the other one, but it is rare that I will go back and try to change something. It is this rule, applied to action, that allowed me to press the link to this question.

I do want people to pay attention to me, but I’m glad, in a way, that it is a hidden readership. Or, at least, that I don’t have to see it all the time. I’m also glad that you have let me see it, because even though it’s hard for me to take, I really do want to be thought well of.

Well, I think I’ll go find a bit of tissue and try to settle myself down, now. Thanks again! You are wonderful people!

[Oh man! Who’d a thunk it?]

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Congratulations, daloon! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer ass. ;-)

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Holy crap Daloon, way to go! Well deserved 20,000+ lurve for a lot of really great and thoughtful answers and questions. Cheers to many more.

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Congrats @daloon. Fluther would not be the same without you.

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@daloon, that’s 20,000 points of real lurve, not fake lurve. Sincerely meant and freely given, and all yours. I congratulate you.

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@daloon – I just noticed you made 20k and I was so excited to think I could be the first to congratulate you on this achievement.. and was a little sad to see someone beat me to it because you are, quite honestly, one of my all-time favorite Flutherites! It would have been a real thrill and a personal honor to be able to congratulate you.

I’m not so good with the mushy stuff, so this is going to come across way less emotional than I feel, but I want to say how glad I am that you are a member of the community. I always enjoy reading your questions and answers. Your questions are always so interesting and things that would never occur to me to ask, but then lead into some really awesome discussions. Your answers are always well-thought out and enjoyable to read and I find myself agreeing.

What can I say, I’m a huge fan. And, I’m only sort of kidding when I say that I may be responsible for about a quarter of your lurve. ;) My most heart-felt congratulations on a truly well-deserved 20k! Maybe I’ll get to buy you a beer some day.

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Congratulations To You! I lurve to get a daily mooning from you @daloon!

Fluther is a great place due in part to your thought provoking questions and your in depth answers!

Looking forward to witnessing you get to 30K

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I always associate you with what is best about Fluther. Congratulations are well deserved!

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I’m late, but congrats Daloon!

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Your pert butt cheeks always brighten any fluther question!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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This thread warms the cockles of my heart. :)

jbfletcherfan's avatar

And I DO love warm cockles. ;-)

fireinthepriory's avatar

@jbfletcherfan Don’t we all! I was actually directed here by the society for the prevention of chilly cockles. ;)

jbfletcherfan's avatar

@fireinthepriory Oh, you were? I didn’t know there was such a society. Can you send me application papers?? ;-)

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Congratulations man.

I love you because you do get it, even if your thing is to act like you don’t. Even if I never agree with you on anything again you still have my respect because you are unapologetic about being you when confronted (no matter what you may protest to the contrary).

You are the sanest lunatic I’ve ever known.



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It’s Guy Love between @Blondesjon and @daloon. aaaaaaawwwwww

Dr_C (14334points)“Great Answer” (12points)
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Daloon, you’re wonderful. Thank you for all the time and thought put into your questions and answers. You really do change lives. :) More lurve for you, my dear! Mwah!

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Whoa! I don’t know any other butts worth 20K! Congratulations @daloon!!

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@Blondesjon You know, I could explain that (well, try to), but this isn’t the place.

Even if I never agree with you on anything again

Have we ever agreed before??? :P

@all others. What can I say? Wow! Thanks! I’d say something else, but it’s only cliches that come to mind. Oh what you hell! You mean a lot to me! You are the people who make me feel like spending so much time here. It’s a wonderful community, isn’t it?

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Congratulations! :)

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I miss daloonagain. I liked him so much better.

KatawaGrey's avatar

For shame! Bite your tongue @AstroChuck. :-P

augustlan's avatar

AC needs a spanking. Or a banning.

KatawaGrey's avatar

@augustlan: Well, if he’s really 6 years old, a spanking would be inappropriate, but if he’s a grown up, it would still be inappropriate, but in a fun way… ;)

Dog's avatar

@augustlan ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Oh please let me ban him!! (New mod needs experience! he he he ) ;)

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (7points)
AstroChuck's avatar

Please, spank away! I’m such a bad, bad boy.

rooeytoo's avatar

heheheh, I was going to volunteer to spank you since @Dog is doing the banning, but I thought it might be a bit too forward!

augustlan's avatar

I call the spanking!

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Daloon, Congratualtions. I love your ass. (:
Conga-ratas! There’s @Marina, @AstroChuck, @gailcalled, @johnpowell, and @daloon.

cyn (6913points)“Great Answer” (11points)
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I wanna spank him. I wanna spank him! ’-)

MissAnthrope's avatar

You people are dirty.

jbfletcherfan's avatar

@MissAnthrope heh, heh, heh…...

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@daloon Your moon eclipses all others. There is no one like you. Fluther would be a much less rich medium without your heartfelt and pungent postings. Many felicitations on your achievement—all of them well-deserved!

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Yikes, I worked for a few minutes and missed this. Congrats, old man. Glad I know ya. The internet is a better place thanks to you. You have seen me through some rough patches and I will always be grateful for your friendship.

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Yay! daloon, you 20k stud!

Congrats on sticking around and making it to the big time : )

Sorry I missed the party!

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This is a particularly good time for me to get a few more nice comments. Thanks @fireside, @nikipedia and everyone else who has posted earlier. I’m feeling a bit low today. I don’t suppose there’s any real reason to be low, but I’m making them up a few in my head.

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@daloon It must be that kind of day – I’m feeling a bit down today too. Hope yours improves.

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@janbb & @daloon Big Monday (((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))) to you both!

:0) Here’s a something to make you laugh!

janbb's avatar

@SpatzieLover Thanks! That’s one of my favorite clips. If I could dance like Donald O“Connor, I’d neve be down. :-)

SpatzieLover's avatar

@janbb My son tries. It’s a great scene! If that wouldn’t have cheered you then “Good Morning” sung by Debbie Reynolds surely would do the trick! ;) Happy Monday!

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I am actually feeling pretty good today! This is the first day home since I shipped my Mother off to live with my brother for the next few months. I’ve not been nagged at, drooled on, nor called by any of my silly childhood nicknames for the whole day. I even broke wind in the kitchen! HA!

janbb's avatar

Good for you @majorrich !

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