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Do you use any word(s) that you've made up yourself?

Asked by jfos (7380points) November 3rd, 2009
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I believe it was over 1000 words that Shakespeare created, and a lot of those words have become integrated into the English language.

Have you ever made up any words, and if so, do you use those words?

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When I’m surprised I use the word “Bounkers!”

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phrases and words:

fay da doe (going to bed)

hittin’ the sackadoochie (going to bed)

jimjams (p.j.s)

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@jmah Tired?

Courtesy of my little brother, farting is referred to as perting.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities yes, sa’ (er ma’am I’m not entirely sure if you’re a lady or a gent, jeffgpf).

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Yass, I do. Most of them coined by my children when they were learning to talk. Lentutu (Elephant) is one. Bonnyrudah (Ballerina) is another.

As for me, I made up “Tough bazatz” in 1957 in Encino, Ca and was gratified to see it spread.

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@jmah Let me just check now, 1… and 2, yep I’m a man.

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Merote Control.

Also anything electrical is referred to as The B*stard, my partner has the amazing ability to insinctively know which B*stard I am talking about. ‘Can you plug The B*stard in for me please?’ and so forth

I also once made a small child believe that Apricot Fairy is a swear word. That was a rewarding day.

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This doesn’t really count but @Chrissi85 referring to electrical things as bastard made me think of it and laugh for that matter. I worked with this guy that called everybody and everything “thing.” He would say, “you know…thing.” I’d reply, “which thing?” Turns out he would be talking about a person. It used to crack me up.

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This is more of a phrase, but: “I’m going to shake a tower.”

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‘Gay as a monkey with a tree to himself’ .. My friend says it alot, it doesn’t make a whole bucket of sense but it makes me laugh

Oh and ‘Scroob’ has become a jovial insult amongst my social circle, not sure exactly what it means though

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My mother and I make up a lot of words. Naturally, the only I remember is about food. We call goldfish the ones you eat goolifash.

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Traf. We weren’t allowed to say ‘fart’ in our house when I was growing up. So, I said it backwards. And it is that to this day.

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I call Delaware “Smellaware” or “D-hell-aware”. Nothing against the state…I just hate my commute (Delaware, or smellaware, is the endpoint)...

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I use the word “blarb” when I am writing and have thoughts I need to “spit out” onto paper, quickly, with minimal structure.

I’m guessing it’s a portmanteau of a “blurb” and a “fart”—it’s a short farting out of words, connected together by a few thoughts.

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I use a lot of words my mom made up. My favorite is “Frannoed.” pron. (fran-node)
Used when something s broken or unravelled or slightly loose or covered in dog poop or accidentally run through the wash or not taken away from the dog or mixed in with the whites or soggy or cold but overcooked…etc.

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@Chrissi85 scrub +noob?

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I’ve described people who look good on screen and in print as “mediagenic”, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that term were coined long before I did 20 years ago.

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I have a lot of made up words for my son… my favourite right now is ‘scrumblebum’

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Confuzzled = thoroughly confused.

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fangry = fake angry

as in…”<insert child’s name here>, stop acting so fangry.”
or… ”<insert spouse’s name here>, are you fangry with me?”

or my favorite… “If you’re so fangry about dinner… how about you make it yourself?”

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smackachee = macaroni & cheese

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@Allie We use that one, too. Lately, it’s been shortened to ‘fuzzled’.

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A mix of Idiot and…it!

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several, there is one that always gets laughs…
I also use one a friend of an ex gf created

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Christocrite=Christian hypocrite

My husband makes up all sorts of words and now our some uses a few of them ;) They’re just silly nonsensical things.

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All the time.

I add “ish” and “y” to pretty much anything to make new words. For instance: kittyish, microwavey, broody.

Kittynality: a cat’s personality.

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My son always called M&M’s “mips” so we do too.

I’m making up words all the time but since I lost my memory, I’ve forgotten them now.

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S up – shut up
puck you – F__ you
I’m going to remember a bunch more once I log out..

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MummyYummy for my special mixture of sugar and cinnamon to put on buttered toast.

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Many moons ago, before the technological revolution, before the word “nerd” was invented, and when being a geek was a bad thing, my sister and I called anyone who was dorky a Delbert.

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Gibbstine Value

The end result of a formula to assess the viability of a business venture.

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@Dr_C What about sexotic?

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@Allie Sexotic is one of my favorite words and it TOTALLY fits you!
(for everyone else out there Sexotic = Sexy + Exotic)

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@Dr_C: My dad says “Absotively, posilutely!” I always used to roll my eyes and call him weird.

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@MacBean my grandma used posilutely… i never liked the word

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Chilliferous: gives me the chills

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I am responsible for the word Fucktard. Combination of ‘fucking’ and ‘retard’. I came up with it many many years ago.

I am better at euphemisms and analogies. Especially the ones that leave a very distinct or disturbing mental image.

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I totally stole “fucktarded” from uberbatman. I had no idea you originated it!

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I think “fucktard” is one of those words that multiple people have come up with on their own and we’ll never know the true originator.

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@SpatzieLover My mom and I say goofus too. It’s what we call each other when we do something silly/weird.

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@Allie We’ve (my mom & I, too) been using it for at least a decade…I was trying to remember if it was from a movie, a show or if it was made up?!

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@MacBean it was I who invented it, and you guys are lucky I am a generous man, because were I to start charging $$$ for the useage of my creation, you could no longer afford Intrawebs to visit Fluther. =)

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@Psychedelic_Zebra ~ my boss loves to use the word ‘fucktard’
not towards me, of course

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@SpatzieLover – It’s been around since 1948, at least.

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@YARNLADY I’ve not had that for ages and I LOVE it!!! Must do that!! Soooon x

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@MacBean Thank you!

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ka – new – dur

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@DrBill My husband’s are very similar:

Kaseeboom (kasee is the short version) Kah-see!


Kedgeyboo (or just Kedgey) Keh-d-gee

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My best friend and I use “see-say?” as a short hand version of “See what I’m saying?”. When one of us asks “see-say?”, the other will respond “see-say.”

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Verb or Noun
The noise you make when you hear or see something disgusting.

I gurfed when he showed me his eye wound.

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(hon⋅e⋅states⋅man) [on⋅ist⋅steyts⋅man]
–noun, plural -men.

1. A fictional being who happens to be honest and a politician simultaneously.

2. A complete and utter fantasy of which the hope of has fostered the faith in scores of politicians.


Origin unknown. Earliest recorded use was scrawled on a bathroom wall. Politicians worldwide propagate the notion relentlessly.

Related forms:

hon⋅e⋅states⋅man⋅like, hon⋅e⋅states⋅man⋅ly, adjective


1. See delusion, fantasy, mistaken belief, self-deception, sophistry, air castle, airy hope, castle in the air, castle in the sky, chimera, daydream, false hope, fantastic notion, fool’s paradise, golden dream, pie in the sky, unreal hope, wishful thinking, and pipe dream.

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Instead of a-maz-ing, a-labyrinth-ing.

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My sis when her children were small had names for cretin parts.
Her son had a “tally whaker” her daughters had “woo woos”..
I made up “no dowee” I was 12.

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My son’s word for extremely big

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