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Which top-of-the-line FPS should I get?

Asked by Fred931 (9429points) November 7th, 2009
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What I want is each first-person shooter that would be considered “major,” such as Halo or COD, and its pros and cons.

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Can you give a bit more information with regards to what you’re looking for?

“Major” is not very descriptive. There are tons of major titles both released and in development that could be considered “major.”

Yes, that was redundant on purpose.

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I just want to know which game has more or less of something, such as reality or fictionality. Just discuss maybe the top 5 selling FPS games, or series.

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Team Fortress 2. Pro: huge casual and competitive community. Con: distinctive style and low support for multi-core processors.

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Please define what system we’re talking about, at least.

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As far as PC games go, I’m really into Combat Arms, it’s free and is updated at least once a month with new maps, weapons and bonus’. The one ’downside’ to it is that it is online only, meaning there is no offline campaign play.

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Modern Warfare 2 will be the biggest when it launches in 3 days. Its single player campaign is very cinematic and the online multiplayer will be extremely popular. These games go for realism, so you’ll see real-world weapons and scenarios.

Left4Dead and Left4Dead 2 have great multiplayer and you play cooperatively with other people online, rather than against each other. This is a zombie apocalypse survival game, so not very realistic from a scenario point of view, but the graphics and animation are great.

Team Fortress 2 is really popular and has a ton of mods available and is constantly being added onto by Valve. It’s class-based so you can play a medic or sniper or scout. This goes for a cartoony but unique atmosphere with a great sense of humor and focus on having fun.

Half-Life 2 and the episodes are still my personal favorite, though it is only single player (but Team Fortress 2 comes with Half-Life 2 if you buy the orange box). Half-Life 2 is set in the future so it isn’t really realistic as in working with real-world weapons and things, but the story and characters are great and it’s one of the most polished games you’ll ever play.

Fallout 3 isn’t really an FPS, more of a role-playing game that happens to be first person. You can pause the firefights and target specific parts of your enemy’s body and your chance for success is based on your skills in certain stats. Great environment and exploration though. Single player only.

Borderlands is similar to Fallout 3 but there is no pausing, just upgrading your weapons and skills like an RPG, and gaining custom abilities with skill points. It can be played cooperatively with 3 other people online or by yourself.

Bioshock is a great single-player FPS with a really unique and thorough atmosphere and story. Your character gets magic abilities to use as well as guns.

Pretty much all of these games are available on both the 360 and PS3, as well as Windows. There are other big FPS games out there, but those are the ones I thought of off the top of my head and that I have experience with.

I would personally buy Modern Warfare 2 at this point. Its online will be popular and give you a lot of replay value with all the unlocks and everything.

If you want the most game for your money, buy the Orange Box which has Half-Life 2, both episodes, Team Fortress 2, and Portal which is one of the most unique and hilarious games ever made. The Orange Box would keep you occupied for hours and hours on each of the games.

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I think he means on consoles (specifically Xbox 360) if he is mentioning Halo and COD.

@StellarAirman covered all of the major bases pretty much.

You can’t go wrong with anything made by Valve (Left4Dead, Half-Life 2 and the episodes, Team Fortress 2).

Half-Life 2 is one of my top video games of all time, I actually played through again just this week, and I am in love again. The graphics are starting to show their age (5 years), but are still wonderful. Gameplay is impeccable, and the story is epic.

I suggest you pick up the Orange Box if you have a Xbox 360, I believe it is a greatest hit now and should retail for like $20 or $30, and with 5 games (Half-Life 2, Episode1, Episode 2, TF2, and Portal) in one box you can’t go wrong.

I also suggest Bioshock, the gameplay is downright fun, and the story line is beyond cool.

Halo 3 is good, albeit aged, but still has tons of people playing. ODST is fun single player, but only fun if you have 3 buddies for MP.

I suggest getting COD Modern Warfare 2 on Tuesday if you have an Xbox 360, as it looks promising and should be damn good multiplayer.

So pick up Orange Box and play all of the games on it and either Halo 3 or COD MW 2.

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Crysis and Crysis Warhead is as good as it gets today. Fantastic graphics still unmatched by anything even today, a huge destructible jungle environment, sandbox gameplay, tactical freedom, on the fly weapon customisation and the aliens just look phenomenal. you even get to drive jeeps, apcs and tanks.
Not a fan of Fallout 3 (aka Oblivion with guns) bad graphics, bad sounds, bad animations, blergh plot, uninteresting characters, terrible weapon design. the only thing the game has going for itself is the post nuclear atmosphere

In any case, if you want to play an FPS, play it on PC.

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I found the only interesting thing about Crysis was building a system that would run it.

Fallout 3 is not a FPS (it’s an RPG and so the chance of hitting an enemy depends on the characters stats not the players skill) and comparing it to other FPS is a bit of a waste of time.

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Right now I was wondering about PC games, but once the OnLive console comes out, I won’t have to worry about this.

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@Fred931 If I can use my 360 controller on OnLive console, I’m sold. How does it work? do you rent the games? Kinda like Netflix but over the internet?

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@ShiningToast OnLive has 100 million billion servers (exaggeration) that run as many games as possible, as well as user interfaces among other things. The OnLive Microconsole (or computer [instead of using the box, computers use an internet browser plugin]) connects to the servers, and you then begin giving one or more servers your input. When you’re playing a game, after you send an input through, say, the 360 controller, it goes to the server, plays the game, then creates a video that gets sent back to your computer. Here is the website.

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@Fred931 ok that is a cool concept. How do you pay? On a monthly basis? Or by title?

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They’re not going to announce anything payment-wise until they get closer to release. Sucks, huh?

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MAG MAG is the only game you want , oh and maybe BFBC2

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