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Do you think that facial hair is fashionable?

Asked by jsammons (1143points) November 8th, 2009
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I was looking at some pictures of various mustaches and I had to make a question out of it.

But seriously, do you think that facial hair is attractive or fashionable? Or do you think it’s just a scruffy mess?

Do you have a favorite facial hair style?

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Facial Hair is AWESOME.

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Depends on the person.

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I personally am not a fan of facial hair. It makes the person look older (in many cases) and it’s just not my thing. A bit of stubble isn’t going to bother me, but anything more is not that attractive to me. I’m 18 and I still don’t shave; I don’t consider that to be a bad thing…

Not that there aren’t plenty of people who look good with it, but the people I seem to be really attracted to have shaved it off.

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If someone is trying to cover up an ugly mug it migt be.

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Everyone, make sure you read the mustached men’s input. It’s priceless. My favorite is Number 8. Makes me wish I was a sexy as him.
I love facial hair. I don’t know why. I love a full beard, not much is more ridiculous than looking like you just came from Amish country.
Beware: geniune mustache ride.
And plus, you can say bibbity bobbity, without being ‘whacked’

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We as human beings are allowed to shave or not shave whatever parts of our bodies we see fit.

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@all Make sure you check out the pictures link in the details if you wanna see some funny ones :P There’s 12 different pics.

@clair I got this just for you honey :P

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I like well-groomed facial hair.

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@jsammons Ohhh, did I mention we’re not working out so well? It’s not you, it’s me..

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Completely and totally depends on the guy and how he styles it.
To me, this is not hot but this really is.

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@jsammons ; funny picks. I was struck by how “pretty” most of their eyes were. Do you think there’s a connection between pretty eyes in men and funny facial hair?

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I noticed that the popularity of mustaches took a giant leap when Magnum PI was the show to watch. Up until then, they were rare, up until then it was also a rare adult male who wore a baseball cap. That one guy had a tremendous influence on the appearance of American males. Now I just read that shows like Wolverine are engendering a new wave of sideburn growth.

Men are becoming as enslaved by fashion as women are.

@likeradar – looks like the one guy drew those sideburns on with a magic marker. Some of the men you say are hot have the same style beard as the not hots, but are just plain better looking. Would be hard to make Orlando look bad, is that a part of the whole thing???

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@rooeytoo ; I remember when baseball caps came in and I HATED IT!! I never made the Magnum connection though. Good call.

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—@aphilotus I just knew you were going to pick that one! /eye roll/

Yes! It can be majestic.

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I like the stubble look personally.

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On my husband, I want a smooth, clean-shaven face. Back in the late 70’s, he tried to grow a beard & mustache, & I threw a shit-fit! He looked like he’d just jumped off a box car. He finally got tired of me bitchin’ & of the itchin’, & he shaved it off, never to try it again.

Now SOME men look good with it & would look naked without it. A close trim is okay. Just so I don’t have to get in bed with it, whatever works.

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I am not a fan of facial pubes, but I think Apollo Ohno is hot with what he has.

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A lot of those fellas in that Times array were really baby-faced, especially the first young man!

As for facial hair, depends on the man. Some look decent with it to me, and some don’t. I’m not really a fan of it in general, though.

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@Judi I dunno, that would be interesting to look into though ;)

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@Likeradar – Wow, does he ever age? I mean, aside from his facial scruff?

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@shego – facial pubes is a funny phrase. The funny little beards or van dykes or goatees often remind me of female genitalia. I wonder if that is the look they are striving for?

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Check these out!

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@rooeytoo I have no idea, but if you look at some of the pics @ccrow has linked, many of them obviously have no idea that they have a face full of pubes. It’s nasty.

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It is like a Georgia Okeefe painting, you look at it and think hmmmmm, and then it hits you, oh yeah, __that__ is what it reminds me of!

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@aprilsimnel He must have made a deal with the devil to still look that hot and youthful.

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@ccrow OH MY GOD! Thank you so much for posting! LURVE!

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I like certain kinds of facial hair on men. As long as it’s well groomed and somewhat close to the face, I think it can look fantastic.

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I like this guy’s!

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@DrasticDreamer Who said we were talking strictly about men?
I am having a field day on this thread.

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@Clair The pigtails make it the worst, I think…...

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@Clair ; Augggg!!!!!!!!

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I just now had the chance to look through the ‘stache gallery and I have to say, with the exception of the first and third guys, whose curls are dali-esque in their distraction properties, all of those were very fitting (even the weird one with neck stripes because it seemed to fit his presented personality.)

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It can be great, if it’s well kept. Not a fan of scruffy beards with bits of food in them, or rogue hairs sticking out all over the place.

Also, goatees-own.

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That depends. If it’s well groomed and clean then I’m all for it.

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