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Would you like to be able to put photos/videos on your questions/answers?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) November 10th, 2009
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I was just browsing through this article .
Fluther questions and answers would be much more fun and expressive if we would be able to put videos,and images in our posts.
So would you like to see this feature in Fluther?

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Fuck no!!!

Seriously.. The day that they do that is the day I delete my account. again

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Nah, I can link to stuff like that. Plus, I like the relative cleanliness of Fluther.

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No, because then we’d end up with countless “I have nothing to say but look at this pony!” questions.
I like this place because it is free of internet litter.

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No, I much prefer the current method of providing links. I don’t like sites that go on and on with “You tube” copies and fill up the whole page.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic doesn’t Fluther have moderators?

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@Christian95 Yes and we’re busy as is. Better to not enable video posting and avoid the process of removing a bunch of Rick Astley videos.

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No, no, no. I would hate to see moving, flashing images here. I’d be right behind @johnpowell.

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Embedding wouldn’t be awful, but the system is ok as-is.

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No. Most certainly not. There are enough internet billboards.

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That article made me nauseous

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I would never have joined Fluther if it looked like that.
I would leave Fluther if it became that.

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Emphatic NO.

Pages would take forever to load.
The threads would be miles long.
It would give us visual overload.

It would really really really be ANNOYING.

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (7points)
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I was trying to remember where i saw seemingly endless conversations punctuated by video and pictures.. and i remembered Tumblr. It can be awesome and it can be shitty depending on how people use/abuse it. But that is Tumbr’s purpose… and would be counter productive in Fluther.

I vote NO.

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No, I don’t think it would be too great. Too much room for posting irrelevant images and videos that distract from the thread and not to mention that it would cause the pages to load a lot slower. I’m fine with the current system of just posting a link, that way not everyone has to look at every image that shows up and it cuts down on loading time.

Sorry no one seems to like the idea :( But I’ve just seen it lead to crappy things on other sites. We had a whole like 500-post argument on AIROW because someone posted an image of a vagina.

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No. You can link relevant images and videos. As other people said- clutter, clutter, clutter.

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I think yes, but in moderation, but that would be difficult to impliment. Sharing video and audio resources can be enriching.

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Maybe something like this for youtube videos and images. It could do a overlay without opening a new page.

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I like Fluther because it is about people sharing their ideas. Not people pasting other people’s ideas. I like hearing from you guys. Because I love you guys.

Links are cool. References and supporting material are great. I can click if I want to see them. But I think if you could post pictures and video here people would be less inclined to take the time to write out answers as thoughtfully as they do now. I can imagine the focus shifting quickly from thoughtful discourse to “look at this picture of a cute kitten doing something silly.”

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Have you checked out, it’s set up like that.

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@hungryhungryhortence I didn’t mean so much media AND i GAVE AN EXAMPLE THERE.
Small photos

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@Christian95 no need to shout

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@Dr_C: I know, huh? My link was supercool and all too.

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Can you just imagine hiw much more it would f*#ck up fluther for the iPod? God no!

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For the umpteenth time, no, for fuck’s sake. How many times does this question need to be asked?

This site promotes intellectual discussion in a fast, engaging and communal way. If you must link to a picture or video, you do just that: link. A multimedia answer or question only goes so far with regards to getting a point across (and, even still – chances are it isn’t even your work). Use your words. Write your ideas.

Goddamn it. Now get off my lawn.

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My god, why are people so defensive over a god damn photo? Im sure you get on the net and look Photo’s so why not here? I SAY YES

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It could be done in a clean manner- I don’t think it would be the end of the site. I think some people are being a bit over-dramatic. However, I do think the site would have a different feel. I think it’s perfect the way it is.

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I agree, i will continue to participate with pics or no pics, makes no difference to me. i also think over dramatic is a understatement in some cases LOL

mattbrowne's avatar did that. It slows down the servers. Eventually had to shut down. I’m fine without the photos and videos. Using links is good enough.

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No. I don’t care if it’s media or small photos. I don’t want to see it in the question.. or the answers. The links work well enough for me, thank you.

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Maybe for the person asking the question but not for others.

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