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Ladies: how do you deal with "chub rub"?

Asked by evegrimm (3714points) November 12th, 2009
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For those of you who don’t know, “chub rub” is the term used for ladies whose thighs rub together, creating friction and a burning sensation, much like a rug burn.

So…how do you deal with it? Do you just avoid skirts? Wear tights all the time? I’m curious to see how real women handle this problem.

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I’ve been overweight nearly from birth, yet oddly enough, I haven’t had that problem since I was little.

Then again, I wear pants. But when I was a kid and got it, I didn’t really wear skirts much either. I just assumed it was something I sort of grew out of.

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Oh boy, not the chub I thought you were referring to but I’m having a nice chuckle :D
There’s only been a few times in my life when my thighs have met and I was fortunate to have a “sister-in-law” who was a seamstress and would make these really cool bloomers for my bf’s old mother that were of super thin cotton jersey and fit like men’s long leg boxer briefs, she made some for me which were great when I was working in humid weather.

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I’m sorry, that term is hysterical lol

I googled, because I totally thought “chub wub” meant something else.
This site says solid deodorant.

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I don’t really notice since I’ve always had it. There are non-chafing creams that are pretty effective though.

May I ask what you mean by “real women”?

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First I thought of something dirty.

And then I thought of a SO rubbing “trouble” areas the way my ex insisted on rubbing my stomach. Even after I told him it made me feel like a heifer. Asshole

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Ooohhh…..chub rub. yeah, I was thinking it was something my husband wished I was doing right now instead of fluthering. ;)

I had to deal with this during my first pregnancy. I gained 50lbs and spent my third trimester in the middle of summer. I remember shopping one day with my mom. I was wearing a long summer dress and my thighs were rubbing so hard. It was so painful!

How did I deal with it? I bitched and sat my ass on the couch when I got home.

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I just don’t wear courdory pants ever. Don’t want to start a fire.

Honestly, I don’t do anything…I have some big ol’ thighs too. I didn’t know there was anything to do other than buy new pants when the old ones get thin from all the chub rubbin’.

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I thought of rubbing my hubby’s belly. But don’t tell him I said so!

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@Facade, I was referring more to the fact that it isn’t talked about because, for the most part, being anything other than celebrity-skinny is taboo.

Which is definitely not to say that I think it’s taboo, just that the media doesn’t really concern itself with larger women. And the women of Fluther are definitely “real” in that we’re all shapes and sizes.

Hope I didn’t offend!

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@jonsblond What more is there to do in the final month of a pregnancy than sit on the couch and bitch! I’m near tears…LOL!

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I am knocked kneed which mean even if I was 90 pounds soaking wet my thighs would still rub together. I just avoid skirts and when I have to wear them, I wear tights of some kind under them.

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Talcum powder. Plenty of it and often.

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@evegrimm You didn’t offend. We all hear the term so much, and people use it to mean different things. I wanted to know what you meant.

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It’s not just women. I’ve been genetically “gifted” with ginormous thighs (all the men in my family are) and I get the “chub rub” all the time (though I simply call it chafing), especially when wearing boxers. In my experience, the only help was switching to boxer briefs and wearing my pants higher. When it happens, the best way to get over it is to clean the area thoroughly and use baby powder/corn starch.

It seems that this product gets rave reviews. I guess I’ve been too lazy to try it out, but it seems like a godsend, seeing as how it isn’t sticky, gooey or greasy and seems to be both heal and prevent chafing.

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I have had the problem my whole life. If I Have to wear a skirt, it is long enough for me to wear shorts, or leggings. I can’t tell you how many pairs of pants I have ruined because of it. But I have tried baby powder, didn’t work, so I tried the deodorant, it was weird, but worked.

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Chub rub is awful!! I only had a problem when wearing shorts or skirts. It would get so bad – I would have painful red bumps on the upper inside of each thigh. Going to an amusement park or something like that was the worst.

Under skirts I would wear these things that were like a slip but made like pants. I never found anything that worked with shorts.

I have gained and then lost a lot of weight since then, and no longer have the problem even though my thighs still rub together and I’m the same weight I was when I had this problem before. Curious. I haven’t thought about it in years.

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I guess I’m confused. Is there pain involved? I have been chubby fat my whole life and don’t recall ever having to apply deodorant to my thighs. Like I said…just had to buy new pants when the old ones wore out in between the legs.

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@knitfroggy, I think it depends on the person.

As a naturally sweaty girl (thanks, mom), I tend to chafe more in general, and specifically, my thighs are the “target” of some of this pain.

If you don’t sweat, then chafing doesn’t happen—hence why antiperspirant works well to stop the pain.

(And my pants wear out, too. Sad day!)

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It used to happened to me, but only when I ran wearing short shorts. Then I lost weight. I guess that’s how I dealt with it.

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There is a powder I buy here, it is called Curash, I can’t remember if I saw it in the USA or not. But it is great for any kind of heat rash or chafing. In the tropics, it is a constant problem under arms, in the crease of elbows, everywhere. Anyhow Curash works great.

The other possibility is on the

they have a product for runners who have chafing problems, it comes in a stick form like deodorant, I have heard men say that works well also.

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I didn’t know this dilemma even existed, for women or men. Learn something new every day.

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When I was heavier, I had this chafing problem. Now I just have a reminder of it: my skin has dark spots where the trouble was the worst. I’m going to be embarrassed to have on a bathing suit next summer if I don’t figure out how to even the skin tone!

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Talcum powder is the correct answer.
I can’t believe I’m the first one to give this a Great Question lurve.

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Like @Buttonstc and @filmfann I also use talcum powder.
However, next summer, I might look into Power Glide on the roadrunnersport website given by @rooeytoo so I don’t have to deal with the talcum powder messiness :)

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Wear pants during daytime specially if there’s hot weather.. and wear skirts at night when the weather is cooler, and don’t do it like two or three days in a row, wear skirts or dresses like for example, on monday and then on thursday and then on sunday.. that way your skin wont be able to get hurt. =)

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Solid deodorant works really well. I prefer skirts most of the time, and I either wear tights or use deodorant. It’s not a problem confined to heavier women- while mine was certainly worse when I put on a little weight, it’s often indicative of women who have a narrower hips. I’m a size 3 and I’ve almost always had this problem.

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I avoid skirts or wear spandex undergarments (Flexees, Spanx, etc). There is also an anti-chafing cream that works by the people who make Monistat products… it’s quite good! I’ll go see if I can find the name of it… Soothing Care Chafing Relief

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I hate this, and I only, only, only wear skirts. I deal with it in a couple of ways. 1. You can buy microfiber cute silky pj pants from victoria’s secret and cut them to be just long enough, and hem them.
2. Tights, although they sometimes suck.
3. It’s fairly fashionable at the moment to wear those bright shorter leggings under skirts. I use it to my advantage.

I have a bunch of pairs of gauchos that were super thin and non-bulky that I trimmed so that they’re just long enough to prevent chafing and just tight enough that they don’t ride up. Sometimes I give them a bottom inch in lace, to make it extra cute.

I like them also because it’s ‘wind protection’.

I’m totally going to have to try that soothing care stuff, hearkat. That sounds excellent!

I dislike talcum powder because the second you sweat it just makes the situation significantly worse.

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I forgot to mention the “skins” that most athletes wear under their uniforms. They are of a wicking material and generally end just above you knee. They are great, I wear them when I run and I also wear them to swim laps. They pull the sweat away from your skin. Nike makes them, I wear Under Armor, Skins is a brand name here. Check your sporting good store. They are not cheap but if you buy a pair or two and use them as underwear and rinse every night, you will be in good shape.

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wow i didnt know what that was lol
and ummmm i avoid running while i wear a skirt.
(im not that “chubby” though, but i have some nice legs lol their just slighty bigger than another persons would be)

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this was a very interesing article i found –

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I’ve tried bike shorts, creams, deodorant, spanx. but my favorite solution for the chub rub is secret shield by skindura. it goes on like a deodorant and doesn’t add more bulk or make me hotter like an undergarment.

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