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Request for advice re: starting seedlings indoors next spring?

Asked by JasonsMom08 (441points) November 14th, 2009
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I would like to start my vegetable garden plants from seeds next year, indoors, but I have never tried this before. I have looked online and there is a lot of information – but I would like to know if anyone has been successful with this and has any tips or advice. Since I have some time until next spring this will give me a chance to get the materials I need and be organized and ready to go! Thanks in advance!

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I always started mine in the basement, close to the furnace where they would be warm. Once they had sprouted I grew them under florescent lights. I am not sure if I saved much money but I always enjoyed it. I used the little peat pots that would dissolve when planted, that way the roots were not disturbed when transplanting.

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@rooeytoo – thanks for the response! I want to start mine in the basement too, but was not sure if it would be warm enough. The furnace is a good idea – I also read that on top of the fridge is a good place – until they sprout, that is.

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I want to start tomatoes from seed. i have an aerogarden I’m going steal the light from. I’d like a whole room devoted to plants!

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I’ve never had any great luck at this, so tell me the secret when you get it figured out. I did grow some of these I bought in a kit at the local hobby store, and they are doing very well in the large stoneware crock I transplanted them into. Mine aren’t quite this big yet, though. I may have to transplant them again.

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Go to the pet store, yes, the pet store. There you can get a warming pad, (NOT a heating pad) they are made to keep lizards, frogs, etc. at about 80–85 degrees. Put the warming pad under the plant tray.

Vegetables need a ground (dirt) temperature of about 65 to sprout. they can grow cooler, but need the warmth to sprout. I plant tomatoes the day after Thanksgiving, they sprout by Christmas and ready to eat about June 1–15

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I was all set to answer this when I saw the “successful” part. I believe my failings were, useing the wrong kind of container, and not watering properly.

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