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I ate corn on Saturday and Grape Nuts on Sunday. Why did the Grape Nuts come out first?

Asked by Kraigmo (8239points) November 17th, 2009
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This is a gross question, so if you’re bored by such stuff or easily offended, better stop reading now.

I ate a small bowl of corn on Saturday. Then on Sunday I ate a large bowl of Grape Nuts.

So Monday morning, the Grape Nuts come out. Then Monday evening, the corn came out.

How did the Grape Nuts pass the corn in my body? Where did the corn go, while the Grape Nuts sped past it on the way down?

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I know that it has something to do with the fact that we don’t digest corn.

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Corn is really hard to digest. Maybe it stuck around longer for your system to take a few extra tries at it.

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Are you sure it was the Grape Nuts first? Could it have been something you ate before the corn, and then the Grape Nuts came along after? How do you tell it was Grape Nuts at the other end? (I understand you can tell corn.)

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Grapnuts moved faster down the digestive tract.

That silly corn, always wanting to hang back.

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I hope that’s not all you ate.

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To be serious here, my guess would be because Grape Nuts are smaller, so they’re easier to pass.

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Why are you inspecting it?

Drop and flush all day baby.

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because they are more dense

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You can model this as advection through the intestines modified by a dispersion term. Careful analysis of the cross-section of each food type should yield a regressable set of points that match your experimental observations.

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Now, you do not desire to save the corn for another go around?

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Well the main problem is that you are spending too much time looking at shit.

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Lol, yes, why are you looking through your poop?

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There should be a hall of fame for most hilarious answers, becuae @Lightlyseared‘s was awesome.

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Fucking lol’d. In the library. Thanks.

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Note to self: Do not ever eat corn again.

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@SpatzieLover Or Grape Nuts.

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@erichw1504 the Grape nuts cleaned the colon by exiting…the corn did not ;P

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@SpatzieLover But, Grape Nuts are gross.

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I have to admit, I started LMAO when I was reading this question.

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@erichw1504 Yes, and they are really just “filler” too. Neither the corn nor the Grape Nuts are really that good for ya’ anyway!

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And then even more when I read @Lightlyseared‘s answer. OMG: this needs to be archived under “Fluther Favorites.”

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This why love Fluther

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Wow…didn’t mean to skip every other word. This is why I love Fluther.

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No, no. It wasn’t a gross question. It was a hilarious one. I have no answer.

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@Kraigmo crapped corn, and I don’t care.

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I just want to tell you, @Kraigmo, that you rock.

That is all.

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Grape nuts are the crumbs that live in the bottom of your toaster.

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welcome to fluther @max503 Lurve

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@filmfann – that was as good as the original question! lurve

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ROFL!!! You guys are grape! A little nuts, but grape!!

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you are genuis

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Wow, is that not telling? You speak of real sexual stuff that happens, or other real facts and people get their panties in a twist, but talk about poop, literally talk s**t and people are all over it in a gleeful way, and no one blast the OP for asking it.
Guess I should have been talking about s**t all these years, go figure…..

As has been said, if you think of food density, the grapenuts are smaller and less dense than the corn. I suspect if it were apples, grapes, etc. it would have passed through quicker even if you did not know it did or not. Ever noticed how you can eat the same amount in ounces of certain food, and you seem hungry again while other foods that same amount will hold you for 6 or more hours?

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LOL! We are mature, @Hypocrisy_Central. We are grown ups, long past middle school. Many of us have children and have changed diapers, cleaned up shit spattered walls and cribs and kids, or looked at our children’s BMs for some clue of an illness that they are experiencing. We have even discussed such matters with our spouses under certain circumstances. Neither bowl movements nor sex are an awe-inspiring mystery to us. In fact, I bet every male here could go buy tampons for their SO with no embarrassment.

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^ Neither bowl movements nor sex are an awe-inspiring mystery to us.
If people are so mature and nothing sexual tosses them for a loop, it is a mystery why seemingly discussing certain sexual facts do indeed seem to toss some for a loop, are certainly irk them way more than discussing s**t. .

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You aren’t looking for facts, @Hypocrisy_Central. You’re looking for porn and imagination because you’re obsessed with sex.

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Guess you never read a Kinsey report ever, not that he could ever be seen a quack….

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What does the Kinsey report have to do with anything?

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From what I gather from it the US is way more preoccupied with questions on sex than what someone is pooping even babies. But…Fluther is a different place.

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LOLL!! Do you really not see the irony of your comment!? Oh, laughing out loud!

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