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Who wants to join me in wishing every Jelly a Happy Thanksgiving Day?

Asked by janbb (60427points) November 26th, 2009
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Have a great day filled with food and the company of people you love! For those Jellies not in America, hope you have a great day of love and food, too.

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Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and all other jelly friends! :)

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Indeed so. Happy Turkey Day everyone. And for our Canadian friends, happy belated Turkey Day.

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Happy Turkey day. A day to count your blessings and seek out and find the good in every situation.

Judi (39892points)“Great Answer” (10points)
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Happy Thanks-Giving can’t wait til Broncos beat Giants lol

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@janbb who are you, Paul Revere?

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And a happy tofurkey day to you, too, sweetie!

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. May you all be joined by family & friends.

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Happy Thanksgiving fellow fluther friends! May you all eat lots, be safe, and enjoy time with loved ones :)

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“We’ve got ANOTHER holiday to worry about. It seems Thanksgiving Day is upon us.” -Charlie Brown
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Mimosas, Margaritas and a bird named Sol. What more can one ask for?

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my dad’s name was sol

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Funny, my daughter named our bird “Theodore”.

Happy Thanksgiving to Jellies far and wide.

and after today, we all may be just a little wider

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I will join you! Hap[y Thanksgiving one and all!

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I hope everyone here has a Happy Thanksgiving! You guys are great!
Remember how blessed we all are!

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Happy Thanksgiving
I celebrate this day to remember and enjoy friends and family.

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me me me! happy thanksgiving everybody :)

now im off to the store to wipe out the cranberry sauce section

deni (23115points)“Great Answer” (12points)
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Ich w√ľnsche allen meinen amerikanischen und kanadischen Freunden ein gesegnetes Erntedankfest (by the way in Germany this is celebrated at the beginning of October – everyone has to work today, so we envy you :-)

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Happy Fall Ya All and happy Thanksgiving! (I know, how corny.)

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Yay! Thanksgiving is finally here! I hope everyone has a great day.

J0E (13167points)“Great Answer” (11points)
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we don’t celebrate it here in England…but it sounds like a blast to me… maybe I’ll start celebrating it next year properly as it’s a bit late to start thinking about a big shin-dig now… but will give thanks later anyways…as always of course!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Dude, thanksgiving was last month
Get with the program
I am kidding of course

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@lynneblundell My nieces were here from England for it last year. They were blown away by it. Wanna come next year? You can be an honorary niece!

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Happy Thanksgiving All! Have a wonderful day filled with friends,family, and food!

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@janbb ah bless you! you so sweet!! have a lovely day xx

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@mattbrowne ; I think we should envy YOU! Doesn’t Germany shut down for several days for Oktoberfest? A lot of us are back to work tomorrow!!

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And the 3 bottles of my favorite wine here will just cap off the day. :-)

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Gobble Gobble Y’all!

I’ve got stuffing casserole, pumpkin pie, homemade cranberry sauce, chex mix, honeyed ham and a huge bottle of Korbel. You are all welcome to the food, no promises on the Korbel

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Happy Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hugs to all!

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How bad is it that I didn’t think about the UK not celebrating Thanksgiving…? >.<

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As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Happy Thanksgiving to all of Fluther. Enjoy the day with families and friends.

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May all of you and your families have much to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving! I lurve all of you.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all Fluther friends, old and new :) and a big turkey (or tofurkey) drumstick to the mods and gods of Fluther-you are the candied yams and stuffing of this bird (the site, not me)!

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I just LOVE these LURVE fests!

Judi (39892points)“Great Answer” (11points)
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Fluther saved my eggs. You all are awesome!

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@mattbrowne Thanks but ours was Oct 12, kanadischen, if I read that right. Happy turkey day to America!

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An aside: Fluther will be indispensable today in helping me combat the impending Tryptophan onslaught ;)

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Happy Thanksgiving to ALL Jellys.

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@Judi – Shut down for several days for Oktoberfest? I wish that were true. But it’s an urban myth. Actually, Oktoberfest used as a brand for celebrating is more widespread in the US than in Germany, because Munich is the only place it gets celebrated with this name. I think at least over here it’s a protected trademark and Munich won’t allow anyone else to use the name. So we also got Cranger Kirmes and Cannstatter Wasen and hundreds of other, see list here (Oktoberfest is only slightly larger than the others):

And there isn’t a single holiday related to that. People do not get off from work.

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@mattbrowne; My husband ordered a Hartzel Propeller directly from Germany a few years ago in September. They told him that he had to get his money in quickly so they could get it shipped before they shut down. I can’t remember ow long they were shutting down for. That’s why I assumed y’all just took the whole month of October off.

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May you all have an AWESOME Thanksgiving!

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (7points)
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Not in the USA but have a great day :)

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I cooked, I cleaned, I ate, and now I sleep. Many happy returns to you all!

syz (35695points)“Great Answer” (9points)
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Today, I’m thankful I’m not a US resident. You’re country is awesome, but I do not envy you right now.

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Thanks, Jan!

I am very thankful that my friend who was in crisis allowed me to see her and to take her back to her house in the wee hours this morning. She had us very worried for a few days, but now it looks like she’ll pull through.

I am thankful that after I drove 90 miles back to my house, I had enough money to be able to afford to take my cat to the Emergency Veterinary clinic to see why she was yowling in pain this morning. Vet ER, X-Ray and Medications: $430.00; having a kitty to purr me to sleep: priceless.

I am thankful for my awesome mattress, soft pillow, cozy down comforter, and NatureScape audio program on my iPhone… because I need a nap!

Much lurve and appreciation to all in the Jelly collective, and especially to Bendrewim for making it all possible.

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Now is the time to think of all the things you are thankful for, like the fact that you’re not a turkey.

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Happy Turkey and Native American slaughter day to all my lovely Jellies!!!! I am very thankful for you all and am grateful for the way you all help shape each and every one of my days. Have a great holiday season and I wish you all the luck, love and success that life has to offer.

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Happy Thanksgiving jellies! Just dont go over board on the food haha. Like i prolly will..

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So we’re having twenty people over today.

Got a twenty-eight pound bird from the farm. Two stuffings, Mashed, Green Beans, Onions, Fried Apples, Broccoli, Stuffed Mushrooms, Cheese & Crackers, Fruit & Hummus and a Spiral Ham…and my wife just turned to me and said, “Do you think we made enough?”

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Happy Thanksgiving, guys.

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A Canuck here, wishing all of the American Jellies a very Happy Tofurkey Day!! I know that I’m grateful for having found this place. =)

Let’s eat!

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@jmah we’re all thankful for the humor, insight and sexiness you bring to the site ;)

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gobble gobble

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Happy Thanksgiving, all. :)

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Aw, thanks, Doc. ;-)

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I’m a little late to this party because of my family traditions and food baby/coma, but HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL!!!!

I’m tentatively celebrating the Broncos potential victory over the Giants, as well as getting pumped for the Tide playing their rival, Auburn, tomorrow.

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@TitsMcGhee: The Broncos could win? Yay!!! I lived in Colorado for four years and once Elway left, I had no hope for them.

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@KatawaGrey: 26–6 in our favor!!!!!

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@TitsMcGhee Broncos kicked ass tonight. Good way to end the evening! :)

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Thanks Fluther. I am forever thankful for all of you. (:
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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