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I am interested in getting a new pet, which was your favorite?

Asked by jfos (7380points) November 27th, 2009
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No boyfriend or husband jokes, now…

Almost everybody has had at least one pet. Perhaps it was someone else’s pet, perhaps it was a pet you shared with someone, perhaps it was a pet you hated. Which one was your favorite?

I am looking down the road a bit, and I want to get a pet within 1–2 years. I am still deciding what kind, however.

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I had a puppy Coco when I was younger, she was a chocolate lab and I absolutely adored her. Now I have Sasha and Frasier, 2 Ragdoll cats and they are the bestttt. I love having a pet.

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Hmm, tough to say.

When I was a kid, my aunt had a liitle black mutt named Monique who I loved and spent a lot of time with.

In college, my girlfriend got me a basset hound named Daisey who was great (if a bit slobbery).

A few years back we had Pantoof the yorkie – a homeless dog we took in.

…If I had to choose, I’d go with Monique because it was all the fun of a pet without any of the responsibility.

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I’ve had a black lab, a cat or two, fish, tadpoles, snail, and rats. I’m thinking dog… any suggestions?

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Currently I have five dogs and seven cats. All are delightful, but some are more work than others. While by personality our Shar-Pei, Gracie (see my avatar) was my favorite animal, I really wouldn’t want to pick out any of them as a favorite.

However, I have decided that the next animal with which I fall in love will be small enough to pick up (our American Bulldog, while delightful, weighs 120 pounds), short-haired (our “Golden Pei” cross needs daily brushing and frequent baths), tan, brown or black (white animals get dirty-looking way too easily), and female (not so much “accidental” marking inside the house).

The easiest pets I ever had were land hermit crabs. Even their names were easy because they were the Kings of England series: each of them was named Henry, and I had 8 of them. The Giant Madagascar Hissing Roaches were almost as easy, but they had a tendency to escape, while the hermit crabs did not, and they did smell like roaches. And you really couldn’t take any of them for a walk. But none of them bit, chewed, barked, had accidents on the rug, knocked breakables off high shelves, tore up the furniture, or stole food off the table.

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Gee, trying really hard to think of something that didn’t pee, poop or shed hair everywhere. Trying. Trying some more. Got it! In the 6th grade, I had a smooth black pebble that came in a balsa wood crate and had it’s own little leash and harness made from woven Red nylon. I loved that pet enough to cry when we moved from our home and the rock couldn’t be found to be brought along.

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My beautiful Mini Schnauzer Malakhi He is my best friend, he is always happy to see me, and he doesn’t argue with me. How could you not love him? Look at that face! :)

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Are you looking for a pet to hold, walk and groom? Or a pet to watch and create an environment for?

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I’ve had cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, fish, snakes, iguanas, rats, newts and bearded dragons.

They each have their great points. My dogs were goofballs and tons of fun. My cats are smart and snuggly. My snake used to love to curl up and take a nap with me. The iguana was fascinating to interract with and fun to watch eat.

I couldn’t pick one that I loved most, they were all wonderful.

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My favorite pet is my great dane, mixed with german shephered dog. Yes he is huge and on his hind legs he is 5“8 but he is soo gentle, and loving and a total pushover lol. Great danes are known as the worlds gentle giants and it is so true. He hardly ever barks, and he doesnt even need a leash he just follows us on walks we love him to death! Lol. The only con to this dog is he is so big he cant come inside very often cause he big. He can stand on all fours and reach the counter and eat off it haha. But I do highly reccomend a great dane or german shepherd (even a mix lol).

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My stray cat is my favorite. Well.. she was stray until I picked her up. I’ve also got a Yorkie that is the biggest pain in my ass.
Always adopt! :)

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I was raised with lots of dogs and now that I am all grown up (!) I still wouldn’t be without them.

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My gormless cocker spaniel Prince was the delight of my life.

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As a child, I feel having a dog is essential. But, as an adult..I much prefer cats.

Dog wise, we prefer beagles. Cat wise we prefer non-kittens…usually 1yr-3yrs old from a shelter.

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I agree with @sjmc1989! Schnauzers are the way to go!!!

But I gotta say @sjmc1989, that schnauzer does NOT look mini, haha.

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@Glow He is a mini he is just one of the bigger ones! He is actually not fat but he has extremely long legs for a mini. I do agree though as soon as I can I am getting another one! They have the best personalities. :)

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And I thought the dog was indeed a mini, but that @sjmc1989 is a midget.

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@Darwin Well…maybe not a midget but close enough!

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If you want a dog, I will give my standard speech. If you want a mutt, go to a shelter, talk to the people who run the place first. You don’t want to take home a dog that you cannot live with and if it is a shelter that wants the best for their charges, they want you to make a good choice as well.

If you want pure bred or to rescue a pure bred, go to a dog show, look at all the breeds. Talk to the owners and they will tell you the truth about their breed, bad points and good as well. If you decide upon a specific breed then you can explore breed specific rescue or keep an eye out at local shelters for that type.

If you do not have much time to spend with the pet, then I would suggest a cat or even a bird. Both can be very companionable without the time demands of a dog, especially a young dog.

Keep us posted on what you decide.

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I’d have to say my cats because they’re loving, don’t require that you be there constantly so they’d be fine if I left them for a day and cats don’t drool like dogs do. I watch a st. benard dog and I always have to get a shower when I get home my cats won’t go near me until I do. I love dogs just not their drool, and dogs like the one I watch knock me down on sight which can be painful at times which is why I prefer cats, the worst they can do is sit on your lap.

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I loved having birds but you have to find the one that is right for you as all have both high and low points. Many are very companionable. I didn’t know how much time is involved in owning a bird though so keep that in mind.

We now have a dog and love her very dearly.

I think it all depends on your lifestyle, budget, and personal preferences.

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A friend of mine has an Umbrella Cockatoo. Not only will he possibly outlive her, he demands her attention whenever she is home, and she spends a lot of time feeding him, exercising him, preening him (and he preening her), cleaning his cage and the floor around it, bathing him, talking to him, worrying about his health, training him, repairing the parts of the woodwork he managed to destroy, protecting her husband from him (the bird is very jealous), and more. In addition, it is a challenge to find a good bird-sitter, while decent dog- and cat-sitters are pretty common.

Personally, I find a puppy less time-consuming, although a bit harder on the floors and your shoes at first. If you don’t have a lot of time I don’t suggest a parrot of any sort. You could get by with finches, though.

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I agree with @Darwin We found our dog much less time consuming than our bird.

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it all depends on what type of person you are and what best fits your life style. i am srong willed and stubborn as an ox so i have 2 6 year old pits and i’m not that stable mentally so i have a pyscotic rat terrier. just make sure you research the breed first before you decide to get anything thats the most important thing and than it should be a piece of cake to pick the right breed for you.

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