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Best hang-out/dining in Dallas/Fort Worth area?

Asked by WhatThaF (168points) December 1st, 2009
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I lived here for sometime, but I still don’t know the Dallas/Fort Worth area’s nightlife or the where the good food is at! My birthday is in some weeks, no idea what to do, where to go; Anyone know of a nice, cool, interesting, hang-out place I can bring along my friends to? The club scene is not my thing. I am looking for lounge type, BUT also has good food, somewhere I can laugh with friends, not a crowded place, live music is cool, in an artistic atmosphere would be a plus. I love art, live music, hanging out, fashion, entertainment, [Italian, Mexican, American] food.. So, what’s good in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? Any websites I can look up? Stumped..

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Cowboys Stadium

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@J0E ugh, I live next to it; getting sick of it.

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Check out sala in downtown Dallas. It’s a really good Mexican food place.

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I really like West Village. Trendy bars and restaurants with great food, fancy shopping, a movie theater, and plenty of snobby people to jeer at.

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A friend of mine owns a restaurant in Dallas the food is very good, but it is not downtown and probably you cannot call it a hangout, but it is in a very very nice part of town.

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Depending on the night, you might experience a large crowd here, but Urbino pizza is a great, fresh, and modern hangout with amazing food. Also, (prob. not much of a “hangout”) Hibashi japanese steakhouse is a great but slightly dysfunctional hibachi (benihana) style place.

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