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Do I need a credit card to renew my cell phone contract?

Asked by Aethelwine (42964points) December 1st, 2009
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My contract with US Cellular ends this month. This is the first time that we have renewed a cell phone contract, so I am not familiar with the process.

We cut up our credit cards this past year. Will we be able to renew our contract and upgrade our phones without a credit card?

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Call US Cellular and ask or at the very least google search it.

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@Sabotage82 I tried a google search. Fail. US Cellular is experiencing a high call volume right now due to their specials and have a very long wait period. I’m asking Fluther because I know that some people here like to help.

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(Coffeenut answering)
I’ve worked for, Sprint, Nextel,(before and after the merge), T-Mobile, Centennial Wireless, Aliant, Bell, Rodgers, and I have NEVER heard of having to “renew” your contract with a credit card!!! for any upgrade/plan change
NO you don’t.. if they try that tell them to go fuck themselves,
most likely though they will jump through hoops to get you to resign.

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@Sabotage82 That’s what I was going to say. I know for a fact that Verizon doesn’t.

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@tyrantxseries Thank you coffeenut for being very helpful.

@erichw1504 Again. I tried google first (fail) and US Cellular. I don’t have time to sit on hold forever this morning. Jesus people.

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I doubt it’s needed. We use our debit card to pay for everything, but I’m sure we could have paid cash in person when we renewed (we renewed with Sprint very recently).

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